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BlockTower CIO – Hyperinflation May Drive Raging Bitcoin Bull Market!

According to Ari Paul, the CIO at BlockTower, hyperinflation in the established financial system could be one of the factors that drives major crypto prices to substantially higher prices. Paul likens the current market environment to that of the 1970s, when then President Richard Nixon did away with the gold standard, and the price of… Read More

Hex Could be Pushing Ethereum Prices Higher – or Not

The ERC20 token called HEX might be behind some of the recent positive price action in the Ethereum market. While there is no way to know for sure, some commentators think that HEX is driving ETH prices higher. The HEX tokens are also the center of some controversy. There are people in the crypto community… Read More

XRP is in Short Supply – Demand May be Pushing Prices Higher

In recent years, many people have noted that XRP’s price hasn’t kept up with other major cryptos. Some people who gained the crypto after the 2017 bull market expected that XRP prices would jump, and create great profits. While XRP hasn’t been able to keep up with Bitcoin, it may be on the cusp of breaking… Read More

Bitcoin Bull: Price Has Started Climbing to $100K – Anthony Pompliano

The Bitcoin price has hit its highest point since October last year and rose above $10,000 USD over the last week. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder & partner at Morgan Creek Digital is one of many people who believe that Bitcoin’s price can hit $100,000 at the end of 2021 due to limited supply and increased demand,… Read More

Blockchain Capital: Bitcoin Tops $20,000 USD in 2020

The recent “State of Crypto” report from Blockchain Capital was unabashedly bullish. The report touches on a number of issues that could move markets over the next few years, and in addition to pointing out how far cryptos have come over the last few years, Blockchain Capital is calling for Bitcoin prices to push past… Read More

Bitcoin May Be About to Skyrocket. Here’s Why.

Current Bitcoin Price & Dominance Right now, the Bitcoin price according to Coin Market Cap is $10,545. Bitcoin Dominance is now sitting at 66% which is the highest since it has been at since April of 2017. Bitcoin has a total market cap right now of $188.26B. It seems like Bitcoin could be ready to… Read More

Bitcoin Staying Above $10k: Even Bears Are Believing ATH in 2020

Current Price The current Bitcoin price is $10,047 according to Coin Market Cap. This puts Bitcoin in the green for today with a 0.17% gain. Currently, BTC Dominance has in fact broken through 65% and is climbing. It stands at 65.2% as of this publication. Bears & Bulls Agree: New ATH is Coming for Bitcoin… Read More

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