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CTSI is now Bridged to Avalanche!

Easily swap CTSI to Avalanche via AnySwap’s bridge. We are pleased to announce that CTSI is now on the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX) as a wrapped token. CTSI has been enabled on Avalanche through AnySwap, a trustless protocol to bridge assets between heterogenous Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms. The option to wrap your CTSI ERC-20 token and… Read More

Wanchain Launches First Crosschain Bridge with Link to Polkadot, Brings EVM Smart Contracts to DOT

Developers on Ethereum, Wanchain, Avalanche, Moonriver and more can integrate DOT into their applications using Wanchain’s decentralised blockchain interoperability solution. Wanchain, the world’s premier decentralised blockchain interoperability solution, is pleased to announce the integration of Wanchain’s decentralised, non-custodial crosschain infrastructure with Polkadot. Polkadot is a sharded heterogeneous multichain architecture created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood… Read More

The Altcoin Of The Future (Wanchain Staking for Passive INCOME)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Throughout human history, the fastest growing civilizations we gauged by how quickly and efficiently they could trade essential goods between themselves to ensure survival. To do this, our ancestors had to build things like roads, bridges, aqueducts, wagons and trade carts to move supplies from one place to another. Adequate infrastructure is… Read More

Guide: Crosschain transactions with the NEW Wanbridge Web

How to crosschain your assets using WanBridge Web Step 0: Make sure you have the appropriate wallets. Before completing decentralised crosschain transactions using WanBridge Web, you need to ensure you have access to the correct wallet(s). You must have wallets for each network involved in the crosschain transaction. In other words, if you are moving… Read More

Powered by Wanchain: fast and secure decentralised L2L2 bridges

In the 6+ years since its launch, Ethereum — the world’s largest smart contract-compatible Layer 1 blockchain — has consistently faced issues of scalability. Current transaction times and gas fees make Ethereum entirely unsuitable for many use-cases, like blockchain games. The need for a scaling solution is clear yet this solution cannot come at the… Read More

Wanchain Guide: Cross-chain Polkadot transfers (Testnet)

1. Overview This guide uses Polkadot’s Westend testnet which uses a native token called WND. WND can be transferred cross-chain Westend to Wanchain’s testnet. The mapped token is called wanWND. 2. Supported WanBridges At present, there are multiple WanBridges that support cross-chain transfers of WND including Polkadot (Westend), Wanchain (testnet) and Ethereum (Rinkeby). 3. Preparation… Read More

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