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JBS Looks at Blockchain to Preserve Rainforest in Brazil

Brazil has been facing a serious problem of deforestation, which is devastating its precious Amazon rainforest. In this crisis, JBS S.A., a leading company in the meat processing and packing industry, is among a group of companies who are heavily criticized for failing to prevent livestock from being raised on illegally deforested land. Responding to… Read More

Brazil’s Central Bank is Taking an Interest in Central Bank Digital Currency

In a recent study published by Brazil’s Central Bank, a team was created to discuss the intricacies of introducing a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The group consists of 12 members with the goal of digitising the paper bound currency. The coordinator of the intergovernmental group and also a member of the Central Bank IT… Read More

Latin America’s Bitcoin Miners Being Hunted by China Group

According to recent reports published by Cointelegraph, Rocelo Lopes, CEO of Stratum, CoinPY, is negotiating to sell Brazilian-owned, Paraguay-registered mining farm CoinPY, which is a leading crypto company in Latin America to China investors. Rocelo Lopes is known as one of the leading names in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in Latin America. The Bitcoin… Read More

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