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Brave Browser Announces Partnership with bitFlyer

Brave Browser announced in an official blog post on July 30 of 2020 its partnership with bitFlyer to allows users in Japan to use and receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) while using the privacy-focused browser. If you want to take advantage of this new partnership or just take advantage of all the features offered by… Read More

Brave has Partnered with Code for Everyone to Support Non-profits

The privacy-focused Brave Web Browser announced on July 19th a new partnership with “Minna no Code” (Code for Everyone) to introduce new forms of support for Non-Profit Organizations by using Brave Rewards. To take your web surfing to the next level with improved privacy, security, and control over your experience, make sure to check Brave… Read More

New Partnership Between Brave and BitFlyer Aims to Launch Crypto Wallet for Japanese Users

Brave Browser, the privacy-focused web browser, has announced its first partnership in the crypto asset wallet space in Japan, aimed to offer a new Crypto wallet fully integrated with the browser. Brave Browser allows its users to browse the internet with privacy and speed by blocking ads and ad trackers, retrieving less information by getting… Read More

Has Google Betrayed the Trust of Chrome Browser Users?

A recent report from Reuters exposed that more than 100 Chrome Browser extensions had some sort of malware built into them. While this isn’t great, what wasn’t talked about is the fact that just about every major tech platform loves to collect the data of its users. For what its worth, the above malware was… Read More

Data Regulation is Broken – Blockchain can Help

The European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were introduced back on May 25 of 2018, bringing with them some of the strictest rules enforced by a government up to this moment. This set of rules provides user’s with control over which data can be recollected, as well as the option to modify it or request… Read More

Brave Browser Works With K-Pop’s BTS to Bring its Power to Japan

Brave Browser has partnered with the Korean pop group BTS and Japanese e-sports team Rush Gaming to offer a limited edition of its browser for residents of Japan. Brave Browser is crypto-friendly and offers users unique features. In a report on June 5, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper disclosed that the Brave Browser is partnering with BTS,… Read More

CEO Brendan Eich Explains Ad Tracking and Brave Browser

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave Browser, was a guest on the Founders of Web 3 podcast this week. The privacy-centric and crypto-friendly Brave Browser recently achieved 15 million monthly active users, a 50% uptick from December. Well-known podcast host Joe Rogan also showed his love to the browser on his show. It isn’t a… Read More

Joe Rogan Uses Crypto-Friendly Brave Browser

Well-known podcast host Joe Rogan and his guest Reggie Watts discussed privacy-centric Brave Browser on a recent Joe Rogan Experience episodes. The browser counts podcast host Joe Rogan and musician Reggie Watts among users, and it has also earned an endorsement from the pair. A few days ago, the privacy-centric and crypto-friendly Brave Browser officially… Read More

The Number of Brave Browser Active Users Pops to 15 Million in April and May

According to an announcement on June 1, 2020, the privacy-focused internet browser Brave stated that it has added 15 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users in April and May of this year. Brave is founded in 2015 and is a web browser that aims to protect users’ privacy by blocking ads… Read More

Brave Browser Now Includes Trial Version of Video Sharing Platform

Brave Browser, the browser focusing on privacy-oriented web use and cryptocurrency, has launched a new feature that brings video conferencing features similar to major competitors, Zoom and Google Hangout to its users. On May 26, Brave announced its Nightly version for North America is now available on Brave Together. Brave Together is a private and… Read More

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