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Bitsquad AMAs: Cirus The Next Big Crypto To 1000x?

Earlier this week, the Bitsquad interviewed the Cirus Foundation to discuss their project, a unique hardware solution combined with blockchain technology that is putting users back in control of their data. Cirus expressed that their device is only one part of their ecosystem that works in tandem with their Cirus software. Users will be able… Read More

AMA Recap: Soldex.ai The Future Decentralized Exchange On Solana With Custom Trading Bot Marketplace

On Friday, this journalist interviewed Soldex.ai, a visionary project building a decentralized exchange or DEX integrated with an a.i. bot marketplace for traders. Not only is Soldex aiming to be one of the first DEXs built on the super-fast Solana platform. But it’s unlike any decentralized dex we have seen thus far, with unique features… Read More

AMA RECAP: Ecomi, $OMI Announces General Motors Partnership In Bitsquad

Yesterday, at 6 p.m. EST the Bitsquad telegram group had a very eventful night with an unbelievable question and answer session with NFT leading platform Ecomi’s COO Dan Crothers. During the AMA, Crothers announced an incredible partnership with General Motors and released some previews of what the team is working on. Ecomi also gave away… Read More

Bitboy Crypto AMA: SmartKey Recap

The Bitsquad hosted SmartKey allowing members to further learn about the project and its impressive partnerships. SmartKey also offered a reward for the best six questions $300 in $Skey or an estimated split of $50 per user selected question. Here’s a full recap of the ask me anything with SmartKey and the winners of the… Read More

BitSquad AMAs: Interview Fuse.io Exciting New Features Coming Including DEX

Recently Bitboy Crypto interviewed Fuse.io for the Bitsquad; here is the full transcript of that conversation that was in Telegram. The AMA was hosted by the only Cat in crypto, yours truly Catoshi Nakamoto. Cat: Hello, and welcome all today we have a real treat @MarkSmargon of Fuse.io is here to tell the Bitsquad about… Read More

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