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IMAGINE: John Lennon’s Son Is Optimistic About Bitcoin Stating It Empowers Individuals

The son of Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Ono Lennon praised Bitcoin stating the number one cryptocurrency “empowers people in a way they’ve never been empowered before.” “Ultimately bitcoin is something that empowers individuals it empowers people in a way they’ve never been empowered before,” Sean Lennon said. Lennon, made the comments… Read More

$12 Million Of Satoshi Era Bitcoins Move From Miner

$12 million worth of Bitcoin moved over the weekend from a miner that was mining BTC in its early days, Bitcoin.com reported. The news site owned by Roger Ver detailed several transactions. “On early Sunday morning around 1:38:02 a.m. (New York time), approximately 20 blocks with coinbase rewards from 2010 were spent in one block…. Read More

Ethereum-Based Game SkyWeaver Has Launched Season 0

The forthcoming free-to-play blockchain game SkyWeaver, which based on card game from Horizon Blockchain Games, has launched its final closed-beta season. An announcement from Horizon last week stated that season 0 of SkyWeaver has started. Season 0 of SkyWeaver allows players to collect cards by using Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-game items. The players… Read More

RSK launches Ethereum Bridge – Bitcoin DeFi Coming?

Last week the RSK project announced the creation of Token Bridge which is an interoperability protocol between the Bitcoin-pegged sidechain and Ethereum. Bitcoin DeFi could be coming. RSK is a smart contract platform that is a sidechain to the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. It uses a wrapped version of Bitcoin, rBTC as its native token. Users… Read More

$400 Billion From the FED – Bitcoin’s Chance for a Santa Rally?

The US Central Bank, AKA the FED, is dumping loads of liquidity on the market for the end of 2019. The FED will be using repos, a kind of repurchase agreement, to inject around $400 billion USD into the markets on a limited-time basis. That is a lot of fresh cash, and some are wondering… Read More

Bitcoin Benefitting from Global Power Moves

Current Bitcoin Price Bitcoin is currently at $11,641,65 for a loss of 0.88% over the last 24 hours. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story as Bitcoin rose over $12,300 over night before crashing back to the $11,800 before falling again back to the $11,600 range. The last 12 hours have been a wild ride… Read More

LedgerX Clears Up CFTC Fiasco & Threatens Lawsuit

LedgerX CEO Threatening Legal Action Last week the crypto world was in mass hysteria over the first physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts via LedgerX platform Omni. The next day, the CFTC stated that there were no approved physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts. This left many people very confused over why LedgerX would say they were… Read More

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