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PayPal Plots Next BIG Move Into Cryptocurrency Talks Acquiring Custody Firm Curv

PayPal plots its next move into cryptocurrency, purchasing Curv after attempting to acquire BitGo in 2020 and failing after the deal fell apart. PayPal Holdings Inc. is in talks to acquire the startup Curv, which helps companies transfer and store digital currencies. PayPal is reportedly buying Curv, an Israeli crypto custody firm, for $200 million… Read More

Citi Bank Says In The Future Bitcoin Could Become A Facilitator Of International Trade

Citi Bank has released a report discussing the current and potential future state of Bitcoin, stating the cryptocurrency is the “North Star” of innovation. The report makes numerous claims about Bitcoin’s potential for the future. One of the most notable conclusions in the report is that due to an increasing number of businesses accepting Bitcoin… Read More

Kevin O’Leary Reverses Prior View On Bitcoin, Says Crypto Is Here to Stay, Invests 3%

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, also known as Mr. Wonderful, seems to have reversed his opinion on Bitcoin and has begun investing in the digital asset. Leary previously called the cryptocurrency “garbage” and has since changed his view, stating he believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. He is also added that he is getting used… Read More

Microstrategy Announces $1 Billion Dollar Purchase Of Bitcoin

MicroStrategy has announced it has purchased over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, after finalizing another sale of senior convertible notes in debt. The software intelligence technology company stated the purchase of 19,452 bitcoins puts the company’s total holdings of the number one digital asset at 90,531.  Microstrategy said it paid an average price of $52,765… Read More

Musk, Yellen, Roubini, Gates Push FUD On Bitcoin In A Week

Bitcoin’s price descended further on Tuesday following comments by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Professor Nouriel Roubini, Bill Gates and Tesla CEO Elon Musk who  all gave their opinions on the number one digital asset within a short period of just a week. Bitcoin plunged 14% in 24 hours, sinking below $50,000 passing hands around… Read More

Robinhood To Offer Users The Ability To Deposit And Withdrawal Cryptocurrencies Following Congressional Hearing

Following recent controversy where Robinhood paused trading on a number of  stocks including GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment, the app used by numerous young investors has announced that it will soon allow its users to deposit and withdrawal cryptocurrencies in an apparent attempt to salvage its reputation and clear its name. Currently, users of the… Read More

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Reaches $1 Trillion Dollars As Tesla Makes More On Bitcoin Than Selling Cars In 2020

Bitcoin’s price soared past $56,000 on Friday, pushing the number one cryptocurrency’s market cap past the $1 trillion mark. To put things in perspective that’s more than the market capitalization of Facebook, though Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft are worth more. Bitcoin’s value has almost doubled from $29,000 since the start of the year. Bitcoin… Read More

Microstrategy To Sell $600 Million Dollar Convertible Notes For More Bitcoin

Microstrategy is continuing to buy more Bitcoin as the price of the cryptocurrency crosses the $50,000 level. In a press release on Tuesday, the software intelligence technology company stated it plans to raise an additional $600 million from convertible senior notes, to buy more Bitcoin. MicroStrategy was the first corporation to directly purchase Bitcoin, as… Read More

Jack Dorsey Donates $1 Million To Coin Center

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has made a generous $1 million donation to DC crypto policy think tank Coin Center, the executive director Jerry Brito announced the gift in a tweet. Coin Center has received and incredibly generous gift of $1 million from @jack — we’re speechless. 😮 We were almost to our goal… Read More

Bloomberg Article Falsely States That Bitcoin Is “Dirty Energy” Using Flawed Data Coinshares Debunks Them

Bloomberg published a narrative that has continued to be debunked for a long time that mining Bitcoin is bad for the environment due to its use of energy, and Coinshares quickly swung back debunking the argument. “The Bitcoin algorithm demands increasing amounts of computational power to validate transactions. If it were a country, its annualized… Read More

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