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Bitcoin Censorship Resistance (Crypto Can’t Be Cancelled)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Bitcoin. It might be the only thing more censorship-resistant than our channel. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. No matter how hard they try, governments and banks around the world have been unable to take down the Bitcoin network, and millions of people around the world continue to use it, even… Read More

U.S. Senate Advances Crypto Tax To Build Transportation And Electricity Infrastructure

U.S. lawmakers are looking to tax American citizen’s crypto holdings to help fund infrastructure projects. But the text of the new bill that has been voted to advance to the House, would enforce stringent almost impossible KYC standards in the crypto space in order to do so. UPDATE – 8/02/21: According to Jake Chervinsky legal… Read More

U.S. Government Meets On THREE Different Congressional Hearings About Cryptocurrencies – Regulation, Ransomware and CBDCs

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on July 27th entitled: “Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?,” in which senators discussed digital assets their benefits, and useful applicable use cases. At the same time, there was also a hearing on ransomware by the Senate Judiciary Committee where crypto was examined and a meeting with… Read More

Source Tells London Business Newspaper Amazon Definitely Entering Crypto

An anonymous source within Amazon has confirmed rumors of the e-commerce giant entering the cryptocurrency industry to London business newspaper City A.M. UPDATE: Amazon has denied the story by City A.M. stating it has no plans to accept Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies. In addition the e-commerce giant added, that it has no plans to develop… Read More

MOST Predictable Bitcoin PUMP (Why BTC is Going to the MOON)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> One of the major value propositions that Bitcoin offers to investors is that it has a predictable monetary policy and development schedule, but if you’re watching Bitcoin’s price action on a day-to-day basis, “predictable” is probably the last word that would come to mind. Price can be extremely volatile, leaving many of… Read More

Elon Musk Admits SpaceX Has Bitcoin On Balance Sheet And Discloses He Holds Ethereum

While speaking at the infamous Bitcoin maxi online conference called “The B Word,” Elon Musk or as we like to refer to him as the Muskrat finally revealed that his aerospace company SpaceX has invested in Bitcoin and that he himself owns Ethereum. “I do own Bitcoin, Tesla owns Bitcoin, SpaceX owns Bitcoin,” Musk said… Read More

Goldman, BNY Mellon, JPMorgan, Fidelity And Rothschild See Bullish Want For Digital Assets From Retail And Institutional Investors

Goldman Sachs has announced that nearly half of its family offices are interested in digital assets, similarly, JPMorgan has also proclaimed that a lot of its clients are also bullish on digital assets. Meanwhile, BNY Mellon, the U.S.’s oldest bank is diving headfirst into the market as a custody for a new exchange Pure Digital,… Read More

American Banking Association Releases Report On Digital Assets To Bankers

Last week, the American Bankers Association (ABA) released a report on digital assets for bankers that discusses everything from Bitcoin’s origins to different digital asset use cases, the various types of assets, technological foundations, and the industry that makes it all possible. The report also includes information on existing and emerging regulatory issues around cryptocurrency,… Read More

Biden Administration Forms Anti-Ransomware Task Force Contemplates $10 Million Bounty For Catching Hackers

The U.S. Biden administration has launched an anti-ransomware task force geared toward dealing with blackmail by hackers against corporations, proposing a bounty of $10 million dollars if the information given to investigators leads to the capture of culprits responsible. The new task force will focus on combating cyberattacks and tracing crypto that is paid as… Read More

Fidelity Is The Latest Institution To Expand Digital Assets Research Team

One of the largest investment management organizations serving U.S. institutional investors, Fidelity announced that the institution will expand its digital assets and research team to investigate promising altcoins. Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto-focused arm of the $10 trillion asset manager Fidelity Investments, is preparing to add roughly 100 new employees to its staff to meet… Read More

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