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ATM Operator Challenges Decentralization Seeks Millions From Bitcoin ATM Operators In Royalties As Machine Installations Skyrocket Global

An upstart Puerto Rico based blockchain and robotics company Bots Inc. claims it can demand roughly $14 million and $18 million in monthly royalties from Bitcoin ATM operators in the U.S., after acquiring a patent to Bitcoin ATM technology last month, Cointelegraph reported. Bots Inc stated it is exploring legal prospects with “a major law… Read More

Crypto ATMs Expand Range – May Drive BTC Demand

The growth of crypto ATMs is continuing across the world as demand for decentralized digital assets heads higher. Several population centers have reported at least one new terminal in response to the growing interest Bitcoins, as well as altcoins. Cryptocurrency is more common today, and increased use cases have spurred ATM growth to make buying… Read More

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