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Unpacking the Benchmark Protocol P2P Marketplace

The ability to use a blockchain rather than a centralized intermediary to facilitate a P2P loan saves users time and money. Although a centralized approach to data collection and storage as it pertains to lending still dominates the world of finance today, we believe it won’t last long. The upcoming Benchmark Protocol P2P Marketplace will… Read More

Benchmark Protocol P2P Marketplace Update: The Graph Implementation — June 16th 2021

The Benchmark Protocol Team is thrilled to announce that the upcoming Benchmark Protocol P2P Marketplace will be utilizing The Graph back-end integration. This will achieve increased decentralization, easier scalability, and create more opportunities to expand the Marketplace across different DeFi ecosystems. The Graph is the decentralized indexing and querying protocol utilized by Web3 (Ethereum, IPFS, Fantom,… Read More

Benchmark Protocol AMA Recap: Benchmark Marketplace Preview

If you missed our AMA with Benchmark Protocol you are at a disadvantage when yield farming. Several members of the Benchmark Protocol joined to discuss their project including — Founder David Mass, CMO Dan Fisher, Head of Growth, Esteban, COO, Kurt Uhler, and Developer, Steven Nevins. The team expressed all the features they are currently… Read More

Benchmark Protocol Integrates Chainlink Oracles to Decentralize the Rebase Function

“When we were looking at important features such as data integrity, security, and reliability, Chainlink was by far the best of breed solution for our data needs.” -David Mass, Founder Welcome to the New Benchmark Today, Benchmark Protocol announces our mainnet integration of Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network. Benchmark will leverage Chainlink oracle data… Read More

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