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Crypto.com Announces Increased Cashback and Launch of its App’s Korean Version

Crypto.com has announced that cashback for the Crypto.com card has been increased, as well as the launch of Korean version for its App. These are the latest changes aiming to attract more users by offering even more benefits and localizations. To take advantage of all the features and tools that crypto.com has to offer, make… Read More

Crypto.com Introduces App and Exchange Version in French Along with STORJ and CRV Support

Crypto.com has announced that both the App and Exchange will be available in French, as well as the addition of STORJ and CRV support. The crypto platform has been focusing on expanding its team and the features available to users as it continues its expansion around the world. To receive $50 by signing up for… Read More

Compound is Now Available on Crypto.com App

Crypto.com has announced the addition of Compound (COMP), the popular Decentralized Finance platform’s token, to the Crypto.com App. Crypto.com App is now supporting more than 50 cryptocurrencies with more being added regularly. To take advantage of this support and trade all your favorite currencies, make sure to click here to signup. Crypto.com Allows You to… Read More

Malaysia Launches Blockchain App to Track Palm Oil

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council or MPOC has partnered with a blockchain startup BloomBloc to develop a blockchain app that will allow users to trace palm oil throughout the entire palm oil supply chain. The system based on blockchain and is now available in a pilot that helps local oil palm growers, palm oil processors,… Read More

Investment App Abra Seals Cryptocurrency Deal in Philippines

In a potentially brilliant business move, Investment app provider Abra is to sell cryptocurrency for cash at 6,000 outlets across the Philippines. The firm sealed a deal with local payments company ECPAY to access its network that includes all 7-Eleven stores. By targeting 7-11, Abra introduces cryptocurrency to a wider market, removing the layers of… Read More

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