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TOP Low Cap Altcoin GEMS For 2022 (BEST of the BLOCK)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> When investing in crypto assets, everyone is always searching for the best possible strategies to maximize their efforts by capitalizing on the charts that are headed in the right direction. Yes, a good portion of your portfolio should be invested in top 20 coins, but a great way to make solid, consistent… Read More

How to make GAINS with your Data (Altcoin PRIMED to be the next Apple)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> It’s interesting how online shopping, or even just looking at buying something online, leaves you seeing ads for the very thing you were looking at on every website you visit. Email, Instagram
 EVERYWHERE. Yep, today, we’re talking about data collection. It’s a topic we all know something about, but besides casting off… Read More

Solana Makes Big Gains (Altcoin Ethereum Challenger)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> The Solana community has been on a rollercoaster this month, and I’m not just talking about the price. This was Solana’s biggest month ever in terms of price, growth, and media coverage, but Solana has faced some obstacles too. This blockchain network is shaping up to be a serious contender in the… Read More

The Truth About The Crypto.com App and Visa Card (Maximize Your Gains in 2021)

width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> When it comes to exchanges it pays to be picky. Using the wrong exchange can waste your time and your hard-earned crypto. But there is an exchange that offers not only great token trading but the best set of tools and services in the industry to keep your crypto active and… Read More

Top 3 Altcoins with SIZZLING Potential (Don’t Miss These!)

width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Top 3 Altcoins with SIZZLING Potential   It’s hot outside but the markets are cold. You know what that means. It’s time to look at some alts on sale. I’m pulling my top Alt Coin Gems out of the fridge and getting them ready for some smoky gainful goodness. Let’s get… Read More

Canada Based Cypherpunk Holdings Now Holds 276 BTC After Liquidating Alt Coins

Canada-based investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings not to be confused with the Cypherpunks Mailing list which created Bitcoin has dumped all of its holdings of Ethereum and Monero and put the funds into Bitcoin. In an announcement, the company said that its Bitcoin holdings have increased to 276.479 BTC from its previous balance of 72.979 BTC… Read More

Altcoin and Bitcoin Season is Upon Us and DogeCoin and VeChain May be Leading it

With most altcoins experiencing an increase in value in the last months, 2 of them have offered reasons to believe they will be leading the imminent bull run: VeChain and Dogecoin. Both altcoins have seen a pump with gains over 35%, with Dogecoin benefiting from a viral TikTok trend which is getting users to invest… Read More

Algorand Wants to End the Blockchain Trilemma

The blockchain and crypto world has been taken by the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) storm, forgetting about a lot of high-quality projects with lots of potentials: Algorand is one of those projects. The beginnings of the project go back further than crypto itself with its future still shining bright with the release of Algorand’s blockchain 3.0… Read More

The 3 Top Crypto Niches that Could Dethrone DeFi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has dominated the crypto news in recent months with platforms like Compound starting its token distribution, OMG Network receiving 80 million in funding, Aave breaking the $100milestone, and massive adoption amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The advantages and value DeFi brings to the table are clear as they have added momentum and innovation… Read More

ConsenSys Co-Founder says Ethereum 2.0 will be launched in 2020

In a post on the ConsenSys site published on last week, one of the co-founders of ConsenSys, also a managing partner at DARMA Capital, Andrew Keys, shared his predictions about numerous issues that are important to the world today. Ethereum next generation is on its way. According to Andrew Keys, with the current state of… Read More

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