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Justin Sun Invests in Poloniex

Poloniex once controlled more than 50% of exchange transactions globally, but it has seen regularly declining volume in recent times. The exchange was founded in 2014 and Circle acquired it in early 2018 for $400 million. Before its recent dispersal, Poloniex had a little more than 1% of the exchange market. Last month, Poloniex announced… Read More

Novogratz Says It’s Vital For The USA To Transition to Cryptocurrency

While the US is still fumbling about uncertain rules for the crypto industry, China is forging ahead with it is crypto and blockchain plans for a digital future. Several nations, mostly in Asia, have started research and development on their central bank cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the US is getting left behind, especially if the recent Libra/Congress… Read More

Blockchain Jobs Are Growing In Popularity

According to a “Seen by Indeed” study released on Thursday, the number of bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto related-work ads have increased markedly the popular job site Indeed. From 2018-2019, there has been a 26% growth rate, following a-four-year trend of 1,457% in the sector. It is positive news for anyone who is seeking employment in… Read More

China is Serious About Cryptocurrency

It looks like China is starting to take cryptocurrency seriously at a state level. Zhou Xiaochuan is the former, longest-serving governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), and also considered by many to be an elder statesman. Xiaochuan recently had a 30 minute talk with TV show China Friday on “Digital Currency Challenges Global… Read More

New Report Says Bitcoin Whales Are Dying

According to a new report from Whale Alert, the so-called “Bitcoin Whales,” who may have an outsized influence on the Bitcoin market, have been on their way out. There are many pieces of evidence that these large-scale crypto traders have influenced the Bitcoin market in the past, but now, they might be less relevant. In… Read More

Quantum Computing Breakthrough Probably Won’t Affect Crypto

The recent news cycle that started with Google announcing that it had a breakthrough with its quantum computing programs has left a lot of questions around how it may affect the crypto markets. Dr. Leemon Baird, one of the people behind Hedera Hashgraph, spoke at Web Summit 2019 and commented that quantum computing was, “like… Read More

Coinbase Offers New Staking Options

After many changes in the cryptocurrency market, Coinbase has become one of the biggest exchanges for trading crypto, as well as a go to exchange for people that want to have fiat currency options. At last valuation, it is an $8 billion business. CEO Brian Armstrong said that Coinbase has created a profit for three… Read More

Mitt Romney Calls on Homeland Security and FBI to Investigate Cryptocurrencies

US Senator Mitt Romney, the former Presidential Candidate and Republican Senator from Utah, recently publicized the level of cryptocurrency may threat to US national security. Romney asked leaders from the FBI, Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center questions on “Threats To The Homeland”, he proposed the subject of whether the U.S. needed to take… Read More

Stellar’s Foundations Burns Crypto Supply

In the Stellar Meridian in Mexico City conference was held on Monday, the CEO of Stellar Development Foundation announced that it had burned about 55 billion of the XLM tokens, which is over half of the cryptocurrency supply. “We didn’t start by wanting to burn. We started by asking, ‘What do we need?’” Dixon told… Read More

Telegram Ignores SEC and Releases TON Wallet

Telegram just launched its wallet, even though the US SEC is in the middle of taking legal action over the company’s TON token. If this all sounds a little complex, you are totally on the right page. Telegram is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps (outside of the great firewall of China), and… Read More

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