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Blockchain may Help to Tackle Truck Driver Shortages in USA

According to statistics from the American Trucking Association, the national logistics industry is facing a shortage of 63,000 truck drivers, and this gap is predicted to triple to 176,000 by 2026 – and blockchain can help! Since three quarters of US freight depends on truck transportation, the lack of drivers may lead to more severe… Read More

IBM And Colombia Work to Deploy Blockchain Projects

In July 2018, IBM and Columbia renewed their longstanding relationship with the foundation of the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency. The two parties agreed to together develop and deploy an inclusive plan that applies blockchain and innovative technologies to bring a comprehensive renovation to many socioeconomic sectors. The main purpose of the plan… Read More

Clash of the Wet Noodles – US and China Equally Suited to Fail in a Decentralized World

It is interesting to compare the USA and China in terms of their next generation tech development priorities. In a recent OP-ED by Ripple co-founder and chairman Chris Larsen warned that the US risks losing a digital cold war that could see the Chinese Yuan replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency. This… Read More

Australia may use Blockchain to Address Fraud in The Food Industry

In a recent discussion among experts in a supply chain forum, blockchain technology was highlighted as a tool to solve Australia’s $1.7 billion fraudulent trade of consumable goods by providing greater transparency. Currently, Australia is facing a prevalence of fraudulent behaviors in its food supply. As a nation that is recognized globally for its quality,… Read More

Russia’s Sberbank Teams Up With S7 Airlines To Launch Blockchain Powered Ticket System

Numerous large organizations have expressed excitement in blockchain technology. Sberbank has become increasingly involved in blockchain development and is working with S7 airlines to launch a blockchain powered ticketing system. Russian media outlet Kommersant recently revealed that Sberbank, Russia’s leading state-owned bank, is building a strategic partnership with the largest domestic airline business, S7 Airlines,… Read More

VeChain to Provide New Tools for Sustainable Businesses

VeChain recently announced its version of a sustainability oriented blockchain that will compete with many existing projects to save the environment – and businesses some cash. There is no doubt that on the journey to building a profitable business, corporations must cater to the environmentally conscious unless they want to get burnt in the court… Read More

IOST 2020 Announces Event to Grab 1000 Genesis Badges

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of IOST, the IOST team launched an NFT Event in which 1000 IOST global fans will receive a special NFT “Genesis” Badge each to give back to all the supporters of IOST. This will follow the success of the 1st event in the IOST 2020 Year-Long NFT Event Series, the… Read More

Compound – Enabling Users to Earn Interests on Their Altcoins

The Compound lending platform is working to create a liquid money market for cryptocurrency, enabling its users to borrow cryptocurrency or lend it to earn an interest rate. This platform will use a governance token known as COMP which was distributed to founders and investors as well as over the Ethereum network starting on June… Read More

IOST Partners with Ankr to Bring Node Hosting Solutions to Develop IOST Nodes

The IOST Foundation recently announced its partnership with the service platform Ankr to launch affordable and user-friendly node hosting measures to the IOST nodes community. Under this collaboration, the Ankr team is going to develop infrastructure for rolling out blockchain nodes with the goals of making the process easy, accessible, affordable, and instantly distributed across… Read More

Alibaba Ties Up With China’s Biggest Port Operator in Blockchain Deal

China Merchant Port, the largest port operator in China, has agreed to build a strategic partnership with the world’s leading e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, and its affiliate, Ant Financial. This was announced recently and may create a new force in the world of global logistics. This agreement centers upon facilitating the creation of a new… Read More

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