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Swan Bitcoin – Buy Bitcoin the Easy Way!

The Swan Bitcoin platform makes buying Bitcoin easier than ever. All you have to do is connect your bank account to the platform, and it will buy BTC for you, and deposit it in a Bitcoin wallet of your choosing!

Yan Pritzker, who spent more than five years as the chief technology officer at, founded Swan Bitcoin last year. Swan is a platform that allows users to purchase bitcoin for as little as $5, and set up automatic bitcoin purchases every week, month, or after each paycheck.

Swan links to your bank account and automatically purchases and stores bitcoin for you, allowing you to invest small amounts in bitcoin over time.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, and make an investment for the future, Swan is a great choice. Please click right here to get started with Swan, and make an investment in an asset that has demonstrated amazing performance over the last decade.

Swan Bitcoin is Simple to Use

According to Pritzker, the founder of Swan, the idea of the platform is not to make a quick buck or turn around and use the Bitcoin to purchase goods or services, but rather to use cryptocurrency as a savings tool.

On March 30, 2020, Swan launched an app that makes investing in Bitcoin easier than it's ever been before. The app allows customers to sign up for automatic recurring Bitcoin buys while enjoying the lowest fees in the US.

Customers can sign up for a plan to buy automatically every week, month, or paycheck, starting with as little as $5, this makes it simple to 'set and forget' the investment plan, and watch your Bitcoin balance grow every month.

Swan charges a small fee based on the monthly amount that is saved.

For example, saving $50 per week puts customers in the lowest 0.99 percent fee tier when prepaid annually, so it ends up costing less than 50 cents a week to use the service. This fee is significantly lower than the fees on a site like Coinbase, which would charge around 3.98 percent for that same $50 purchase.

You can set up a Bitcoin savings plan in just a few minutes and be on your way to building a Bitcoin stack. The app is now live in 49 U.S. states (excluding NY). If you want to get started with Swan, please click right here!

How It Works

The process to get started with Swan is simple:

1) Sign up by clicking right here.
2) Link any US bank account.
3) Choose to buy Bitcoin weekly, monthly, or with every paycheck.
4) Bitcoin is automatically delivered to your wallet, or stored for free with a secure, licensed, and regulated custodian.

Number ONE at Product Hunt

The Swan app was featured at Product Hunt, a popular site that surfaces the best new tech products, quickly shooting up to #1 and garnering rave reviews. It is easy to see why – Swan makes it easy to buy Bitcoin, and removes any emotion from the investing process.

The Team at Swan

The team at Swan consists of Bitcoin educators, who have years of experience in writing Bitcoin books, hosting Bitcoin podcasts, and investing in Bitcoin companies. One of the goals of the company is to educate and onboard new Bitcoiners.

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