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I love Christmas. In fact I spend all year looking forward to it. Why? Because it’s a time to focus on things that really matter. Family. Food. And The Baby Jesus. But I’m a simple guy… I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There’s just one thing I need. I don’t even care the presents underneath the Christmas tree. But I sure could use some discounts!

December has been a red month for most people. And I’m not even talking about the charts! I’m talking about your good old fashioned checking account. I love the festive season as much as anyone, but, ouch: it sure can be an expensive time of year.

JRR Tolkien once said that of all two words you can combine in the English language, ‘cellar door’ was the most beautiful. WRONG. What does he know? He was an elf. An Elf Nerd. Wanna know what are the most beautiful two words ever combined? I’ll tell you.

Free Crypto. I’ll say it again: (cue ethereal dreamy music) Free Crypto..

Sounds good, huh? If fact, it actually too good to be true. Again. WRONG. And that’s because in this video, we’ll be looking at a project that quite literally gives its millions of users the ultimate Christmas gift. Free Crypto, all year round.

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