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Statera Might Revolutionize the Booming DeFi Sector

Statera is one of the biggest upcoming Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects with some people referring to it as the “Bitcoin of Defi”, which is a title that seems to be pretty accurate in many senses.

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Statera is a New Type of Asset Class

Statera is an autonomous immutable smart contract deflationary token that when included in the index fund of other cryptocurrencies, increases positive price pressure and reduces volatility.

Statera created a brand-new asset class called a “Deflationary Index Fund” by using the Statera Token, a token that can be instantly added to any financial ecosystem or investment tool to provide it with sound monetary policy.

This token creates a secure way for users to hold an index fund of cryptocurrencies while increasing the returns on their investment and decreasing volatility.

An autonomous immutable deflationary mechanism is an instrument that can ONLY exist in the cryptocurrency world as there is no analogous financial tool that functions like this in the real world.

Instead of traditional index funds where users are charged a fee, this index fund is used to provide liquidity to exchanges and then pay the user the fees tow allow it to earn more capital on its investments.

Statera Aims to be Completely Decentralized

Statera didn’t hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as the project is entirely decentralized with only one man named as the founder: Scott Batha, who is an established figure in the global cryptocurrency space as the founder of the "digital asset company".

Scott is seen as a leading blockchain entrepreneur in South Africa and is on the board of the South African Digital Assets Partnership.

However, there is no such thing as “Statera Corporation” and as so, he is no “CEO” or “leader” as the platform is meant to be a fully decentralized system in every sense.

Statera notes that they are fully decentralized, with the developer wallet holding only 4% of funds while maintaining all power with the users, with one of them already holding more Statera than the project does.

There are Multiple Reasons for People to Get Involved

There are 8 reasons why an investor could want to get involved in the Statera ecosystem according to its team:

  1. Proven concept: Statera says they made 18% returns on Balancer Token drops and over 16% returns in fees with only one month in Balancer, which is over 100% APY when compounded.
  2. Proven team: The project's developers have already gone through astronomical adversity but persisted, stayed focused, and came out with what could be an even better product.
  3. Name Recognition: Statera is fastly becoming a proven and trusted name in the index fund investment space.
  4. Interoperability: STA provides a single token that instantly gives users access to the price action of Link, BTC, ETH, SNX, and STA, as well as to the positive price action and reduced volatility of deflation.
  5. Deflationary: The deflation of the token increases arbitrage, transactions, and market efficiency by extension, which increases the “interest” investors make from the balancer by increasing the effectiveness of the pool.
  6. Decentralized: The contract is immutable and owned by the community already, the developer only holds 4% of the original supply and cannot change the contract, as audited by Hacken.
  7. Ability to be placed into any instrument: The STA token can be used to inject sound monetary policy into any financial instrument in crypto in the world
  8. The First Mover advantage: Statera is the first of its kind, which comes with all of the advantages of being a first-mover. In addition to this, the unique structure of Statera’s liquidity pools keeps money in the ecosystem and creates a self-fulfilling positive feedback loop.

Statera Uses 2 Different Tokens for Different Purposes

There are two tokens built into Statera that allow it to provide the benefits it offers: Statera Delta and Statera Phoenix.

This system allows investors to choose their risk tolerance while supporting the Statera Ecosystem, buy Delta for some diversification and to earn fees, pool in Phoenix for more diversification and less volatility, buy STA for more alpha and beta.

STA’s flagship fund Statera Phoenix allows you to hold Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum, and Synthetix, while the inclusion of Statera Delta Token reduces volatility, increases gains,
and increases the effectiveness of rebalances.

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