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As part of a Bitcoin educational campaign, all 350 members of Spain’s lower house of Congress of Deputies have been sent approximately one euro of Bitcoin.

Spanish news outlet ABC reported the plan was organized by Tutellus, a decentralized platform looking to tokenize education technology, and the Blockchain Observatory. The project aims to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in Spain, “with the aim of raising awareness about the ‘transcendental’ role that cryptocurrencies are going to have in the transformation of the economy and society.”

All 350 members of Spain’s lower house, or the Congress of Deputies, received an estimated 1 euro in cryptocurrency direct in their emails. Miguel Caballero, Tutellus founder, stated to ABC, the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the future role of cryptocurrencies.

“We have explained to your honorable members that we are in a time of profound change in the use of money, in addition to highlighting the important role that cryptocurrencies have today.”

Caballero said the Bitcoin sent to them “is not a donation” and should not be treated as one. He also acknowledged. that some congress members might understand cryptocurrency more than others. But for those who have no experience with cryptocurrencies, Caballero said, this is an opportunity to learn more about the technology.

“Many deputies probably already have some experience in the use of cryptocurrencies, but we would like those who are not yet familiar with the new money, to have the opportunity to get in touch with it,” Caballero said.

Believe it or not, Spain is not the first country to send cryptocurrencies to lawmakers. The political action committee (PAC) of the Chamber of Digital Commerce sent $50 worth of Bitcoin to all 541 members of U.S. Congress in early October as campaign contributions., Decrypt reported.

Caballero added: “With a digital euro on the near horizon, we believe that our deputies, as citizens’ representatives, should be aware of the benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies.”

This comes as one of the biggest investment firms in the world Fidelity has recently released a report entitled: “BITCOIN INVESTMENT THESIS: BITCOIN’S ROLE AS AN ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT”  expressing that Bitcoin would soon face a “wave” of new retail investors, urging institutional investors to put a percentage of their portfolio into Bitcoin speculating the market cap could increase to as high as $2 trillion, Bitboy Crypto reported.

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $11,343.07] down -0.67 in the last 24 hours at the time of this report according to Coingecko.