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South Korea Issues More than One Million Blockchain-based Drivers Licenses

Despite being introduced this May, blockchain-power drivers licenses have become a top option for more than one million South Korean’s citizens. Officially issued this year, Korean citizens and residents can own an electronic driver's license through an application on a smartphone across the country, dubbed “PASS.”

The number of the app’s users reflects over 3% of the entire driving population in South Korea, estimated at 32.6 million licensed drivers in 2019, Statista reported. Launched as an identification app, PASS is currently used for authentication in transactions, mobile financial services, providing new driver license services.

New Blockchain Options for the Nation

In May, the National Police Agency and telecommunication firms announced their partnership to develop electronic driver licensing services in Korean. Further details revealed the 3 major telecommunication groups in the country, including SK Telecom, KT and LG U+.

The collaboration also saw the participation of the Korea Road Traffic Authority and the project's trial was launched under permission of the Korean Ministry of Science and Information Technology.

The PASS app was applied to renew and reissue systems of digital driver licenses in 27 of South Korea’s driver’s license testing centers by last month.

The legally recognized identification system can also be used to define and verify the Proof-of-Age, for buying cigarettes and alcohol in convenience stores and retail chains. PASS users are able to register their driver's license on the app and receive a QR code or barcode for verification purposes.

English versions of the licenses are available for non-Korean residents.

Certain sectors, including rental cars and shared driving services, are also studying how they can substitute personal checks with such IDs.

South Korea is Catching Up!

South Korea wasn’t a pioneer in applying blockchain technology to daily life, but it seems that the country is in control of the technology now.

South Korea has confirmed several blockchain technology integrations this week. A new digital gift card will be released for Seongnam's payment system, and a payment app for using BTC (Bitcoin) and Ethereum (Ether) will also be provided to beachgoers in Busan.

Earlier in August, another strategic partnership was formed between KEB Hana Bank and the Korea Expressway Corporation, targeting a blockchain-based toll network for the country's highways.

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