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SoMee.Social a social media project that Bitboy is an adviser for, announced a slew of updates in a recent Halloween AMA, including — a preview of the next iteration of its app currently under development, launch status, project goals, and smart contract changes.

The AMA lead by senior developer Phillip Rumple, showcased a number of coming changes to the SoMee.Social app. A few of those noteworthy changes include — smart contract adjustments to ERC-777, functionality modifications for the platform, tokenomics changes in development, nfts, dark mode, partnerships, and video uploads with unannounced crypto partners.

SoMee also showcased a new design for its web and mobile apps, utilizing Reactive Native as a codebase. Which the team said this would be finished and fully developed by March of next year. The new app, will be “next level” according to the team and  allow full customization of the top menu bar, as well as a quick view for checking your rewards in real time.

The team also discussed marketing and said it would push the application in phases with the last phase being a hard push. Right now the project outlined they are in phase 1, while they will enter phase 2 by the end of the year and phase 3, Q1 of 2021. SoMee revealed that they have a single major marketing partner who will be bringing on upwards to 100,000+ influencers.

However, without any real marketing, the team said they have been able to scale to 2 million hits or visits to the website a day. Christopher Kramer the CEO also stated that “SoMee could easily grow to 1 million users almost overnight.”

Partnerships were additionally discussed with other projects including — Infuria integrations, Sum and Substance and CIVIC for KYC, Coingecko, Hive, Presearch, LBRY, BitTube, Flote, SquareUp and Kyber Network to name a few.

SoMee also specifically mentioned Bitboy Crypto noting they brought him on as an adviser and how Bitboy will help make industry connections to further the project’s goals.

Bitboy was recently featured on Exploring The Block for SoMee with his fellow youtubers Crypto Wendy O and Crypto Crow (Jason Appleton) discussing social media censorship and why blockchain social media like SoMee is needed, as Bitboy Crypto reported.

SoMee held an AMA at the end of its monthly meeting, where users asked numerous questions to the team. One of the most asked questions was if SoMee had ad partners and when the ad share market place would go live. Chris expressed that they would be waiting for the new app, however, the ad share market place is ready to go and be implemented and it could come sooner.

SoMee holds monthly AMA’s to answer supporters’ questions live, hosted during the last Saturday of every month at 10:30 a.m. PST.

SoMee is a blockchain-based social media platform. Users earn ONG1 for being active on their platform; posting, liking, and getting liked. SoMee’s mission is to redefine social media for privacy, end-user control, and monetization. The platform is built for influencers, social media users, and advertisers and is about to release a unique system for advertisers that gives them more control and interaction with their target audience, and that allows their target audience to target them back! SoMee has been in open beta for the past year on the web at and inside of the IOS and Android app stores under

onG1 on some exchanges or onG on others (not to be confused with Ontology Gas), was previously featured as one of Bitboy Crypto’s top three coins to $3 million dollars earlier this year. SoMee’s coin onG is also featured in the header of Bitboy Crypto.

SoMee’s utility cryptocurrency is onG, although the team also proclaimed it would soon re-name its ticker symbol. But didn’t say what it has chosen. You can watch SoMee’s full massive AMA below. For more updates on SoMee you can see their dev blog, here, and sign up for their monthly AMA on Zoho, here.

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onG is currently trading at [FIAT: $0.01079564] UP +7.8% in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.