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SoMee Could be the Big Next Thing in Social Media

SoMee recently soft-launched with a lot of hype being generated over the project’s hard launch that will take place in the following weeks.

To learn about this project and BitBoy’s prediction for it, make sure to watch the latest Youtube video!

SoMee has the Support of Big Celebrities

In a recent conference call with the team and supporters, CEO Christopher Kramer revealed a lot of what’s to come in the coming weeks.

In total, SoMee estimates that they have a reach of billions of people with all the influencers they have partnered with, which include alternative media personality Aaron Kesel who is also associated with the Anonymous collective and has suffered from censorship by companies like google.

SoMee has not yet disclosed the full list of names of the top tier stars and celebrity influencers ready to promote the network, but it is known and suggested that some of the names are not crypto-related and could help to develop crypto mass adoption overnight as they promote the site to their millions of followers.

SoMee is also an “Exploring The Block” NASDAQ partnered project allowing the team to utilize a plethora of marketing resources and industry connections.

SoMee’s advisers include Dr. Jen Welter (the first female football coach), Jamie Gold (poker champ and entrepreneur), and Lirone Glikman a speaker at the United Nations involved with the charity.

The platform has partnered with Amazon’s Onica while holding a grant with Amazon for is AWS servers and Amazon Quantum blockchain while, the previous iteration of Somee, was incubated by IBM.

Most of the connections and reach resulting from these partnerships will help the site to become widely known in the mainstream.

The Platform is Creating Social Media Powered by Cryptocurrency

SoMee is powered by its ad-based utility token onG (One-Name Global) has a fixed 150 million supply., which provides the cryptocurrency with value based on its scarcity.

With the token going through a rebranding, it will be used for many utilities on and off the platform, which would demotivate users from holding to coins and keeping most of them in SoMee’s ecosystem.

Ong's use cases at this time are just the powering of G-fuel and swapping G-fuel to SoMee Points then onG to cash out, but more of them are expected to come in the future like is the case with NFTs.

In past interviews with blockchain influencers Kenn Bosak and Joel Comm, Christopher Kramer alluded to the team developing a system similar to the Enjin wallet where would be able to mint their custom items and coins on the platform and then sell them.

The company will also integrate charities so users can donate by choosing a percentage of their rewards to go to legitimate vetted charities.

SoMee operates on four digital assets and one external asset trade-able on exchanges: the onG ad token.

On the platform itself, G-fuel represents voting power, G-bucks (G-boost) allows for the purchase of site-wide or targeted interest ads, and the SoMee Coin is used for rewarding content creators, with all of them being easily accessible and managed using the platform’s wallet.

SoMee is not a Newcomer in the Crypto World

SoMee was originally founded under the name onG.Social in 2014 with One Name Global being its parent company.

Founded by entrepreneur CEO Christopher Kramer, the platform focused originally on enabling social media users of other social media platforms to get rewarded in fiat for their content by enabling ad share.

In 2016, Mr. Kramer decided that the company should swap their business model to a newly emerging technology called blockchain and utilize the financial technology of cryptocurrency, which resulted in an Initial Coin Offering in 2017.

The sale of the onG token raised over $1.2 million by using guerrilla marketing, which resulted in great popularity and support from crypto enthusiasts.

One year later in June 2018, a re-brand took place officially changing the former network and parent company to SoMee Global Inc.

SoMee has been available on Android, IOS, and as a web app while being in beta for the last several years with the project being a fork based on the Steem and Ethereum blockchains.

With the platform now being a verified Brave creator, which could suggest a Brave Partnership inf the future as the web browser has been focusing on partnering with crypto projects like Gemini.

To learn more about the unique features that SoMee brings to the social media world, make sure to scroll up and watch the video or to click here.

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