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SIDUS HEROES’ native project tokens, the $SENATE, and $SIDUS, were listed on one of the largest trading platforms – Bitfinex. Bitfinex has become the fourth platform for open trading of the coins, significantly increasing the number of potential SIDUS HEROES project users and the liquidity of its native tokens.

$SIDUS & $SENATE listed on Bitfinex — trading opens

Deposits for $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens opened on March 28th at 10:00 UTC to allow users to start preparing for trade. The trading pools opened on March 31st at 10:00 UTC.

Please find below the $SIDUS and $SENATE trading pairs on Bitfinex:





SIDUS HEROES moves on to the next level

Bitfinex has become the fourth trading platform for the SIDUS HEROES project, following Uniswap, Gate and AscendEX. The new listing marks another stage in SIDUS HEROES’ development. The team has previously announced some significant changes in the game’s graphics, as well as the start of in-game module construction — an innovative crowd-investment feature that’s unique to the platform.

“We put a lot of effort into the development of the game but we also attend to our investors. The work to add liquidity for $SIDUS and $SENATE coins goes on and listing them on Bitfinex is a serious milestone for us. Many traders like this exchange because of its convenience and available reserves, which is why we chose it. It doesn’t stop there, our goal is to make $SIDUS and $SENATE as convenient as possible and easy to find for users on any platform” — Dan Khomenko, CEO of SIDUS HEROES.

Bitfinex is one of the Top 10 CoinMarketCap platforms, offering users advanced trading features and charting tools. It also provides peer-to-peer funding, OTC and margin trading services for a large number of digital tokens. Bitfinex targets professional traders and liquidity providers around the world, constantly upgrading its cutting-edge technology and breakthrough solutions.

Enter the SIDUS HEROES game and start playing:

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