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Select Your Captain and Win Prizes with ByBit

Bybit, the Singaporean crypto derivatives exchange is launching a new event named “World Series of Trading” (WSOT) with up to 200 Bitcoins (BTC) in the prize pool, claiming to be the largest crypto trading competition.

Now, you can tag vote for your favorite influencer to leader your Troop and if it leads the biggest team, you will earn Bitcoin. Click here to signup and participate in the WSOT!

Bybit Wants to Run the Largest Crypto Trading Competition

With the launching of the “World Series of Trading”, a trading competition with up to 200 Bitcoins (BTC) in the prize pool, ByBit claims to be hosting the largest crypto trading competition to this day.

Bybit has run similar competitions with a game format in the past, with events like “BTC” brawl back in 2019 which had a pool of up to 100 BTC.

Ben Zhou, Bybit’s CEO, talked about the competition:

“The World Series of Trading will be the main tournament of Bybit Games and the crypto trading world. We at Bybit believe in the importance of empowering traders who embody the prowess and passion for crypto trading. “

There are still 10 days to register for the competition and participate in all the different prizes in the pool, including bonus prizes for up to 300,000 USDT, and taking advantage of all the early bird bonuses.

Choose Your Captain!

By tagging an influencer or a key opinion leader in this Tweet you will be able to participate for 0.1 BTC if the person you tagged joins the competition and ahs the highest number of members on its team at the end of the competition.

The competition will go from July 16th to August 15th of 2020 at 10 AM UTC, when 3 winners will split 0.3 BTC each and 5 random users who retweet this Tweet will win a $20 bonus each.

To be eligible, you will also need to follow both @WSOT_ and @Bybit_Official as week as having a Bybit account, with rewards being distributed before 5 days have elapsed since the end of the competition.

ByBit reserves the right to change the rules or conditions for the competence at any point at its sole discretion.

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