Posted 3 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

Satoshi Announcement Flops

The mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is getting ready to reveal himself... or is he?

An announcement leading up to the Satoshi Nakamoto reveal was met with both excitement and eye rolls from the crypto community. There have been several different Satoshi "reveals" since the creator of Bitcoin seemingly disappeared in 2010. As the proud owner of over $10B in Bitcoin, it's no wonder why the creator of this disruptive currency may want to stay in hiding. However, several times per year we are hyped up by a reveal which turns out to be a marketing ploy.

A blog post released on Sunday gave some details about the latest revealed Satoshi. This was Part I of a 3 part series. Parts II is due to be published on Monday at 4pm EST & Part III is set to be revealed on Tuesday at 4pm EST. Predictably, the actual reveal of the identity of Satoshi will not be until Part III.

In Part I, the writer discussed how he got into the world of digital currency, his upbringing, his love of numerology, and his work with Hal Finney. While this big splash reveal runs counter to everything people know and believe about Satoshi, the writer did seem to know enough about Satoshi & his writing style to make this seem at least like a fan fiction novel. For instance, the writer uses the word "realise" instead of "realize". This lines up with some of Satoshi's writings.

It seems like most likely, this is yet another publicity stunt even though the PR company behind the blog's website insists this is legit (just like a great PR company would do).

The interesting and unsurprising thing about Part I is that it did not actually reveal anything that could be considered proof or evidence that the writer is in fact Satoshi.

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