Posted 1 year ago | by Ben Armstrong

Ron Paul believe that traditional banking is fake, and cryptocurrency is the future. Paul made these remarks at the Litecoin Summit this week in Las Vegas.

"The American empire is on its last leg. It's going to be rough." Ron Paul said at the Litecoin Summit on October 28 in Las Vegas. Paul believes that a recession is in the cards. He believes central banking is making a high percentage of money which always leads to a recession.

"Liberty is the answer to so many of our problems," said Ron Paul on why he is interested in monetary issues. "Liberty is not divisive...the government can not come in and work it out. People have to come together and work together."

Paul referenced private property ownership and how it changes society as a whole; giving people the ability to control their own information and rights. This comment was a nod towards the importance of decentralization.

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