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Busy Week for Roger Ver as He Moves Out of Role & Defeats Lawsuit

At some point over the last 7 days, Roger Ver was changed from the CEO to the Executive Chairman of The new CEO is Stefan Rust. The change is also seen on Rust's LinkedIn page. This came as a shock to the BCH community as Ver is known for his relationship with

Bitcoin supporters have long accused Ver and of trying to manipulate newcomers to crypto. Many people have mistakenly bought Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin due to the confusion of landing on a Bitcoin Cash website when they type into their address bar. But is Ver stepping down a signal that maybe that could be all about to change?

CCN reported that in their attempt to contact to get more on the story, they were greeted by a form asking the message sender to confirm that they understand that is a Bitcoin Cash website. The website does seem to have gotten rid of any Bitcoin orange graphics and says Bitcoin Cash prominently throughout. Dropping Ver as CEO and alerting website visitors the site is all about Bitcoin Cash could be an olive branch from BCH to the rest of the crypto community as the website has been quite a point of contention for the Bitcoin fork.

This is not the only news for Roger Ver today as it was also reported that Craig Wright's libel lawsuit against Ver has been won by Ver. The long and short of the judgment was that Wright could not actually prove that he had suffered a loss of reputation due to Ver denouncing him as Satoshi. Wright also has a lawsuit against podcaster Peter McCormack... which will also likely be lost.

IOST & Bermi Issue IRC-20 for Latin America

Bermi, a popular video app & IOST Node, is now issuing an IRC-20 Token (token launched on IOST blockchain). The token will be called Emogi. Due to the popularity of Berm & Bermi, Emogi is going to be widely distributed. Emogi will be cencorship-resistant and easy to use which should help spur on growth and adoption as highlighted on an IOST Medium article:

This base-layer adoption will serve as an inherent advantage for Emogi, as layer 2 developers naturally embrace decentralized solutions with built-in user bases. Emogi’s adoption makes it an attractive option for developers, ensuring continued development and innovative breakthroughs in its decentralized application ecosystem.

The Latin American economy is struggling and Emogi hopes to be a project that can immediately make a difference in the area. Many people in South America do not have access to traditional banking so a digital token could flourish there. We have already seen people from both Argentina & Venezuela have a strong interest in using cryptocurrency.

Altcoin News Round-Up

  • The Brave Browser will now support tipping via Twitter. Brave Browser users with Brave Rewards turned on will now be able to send BAT tips via a special icon that will be found on individual tweets.
  • A remittance firm from Chile has now gone live with technology from Ripple. The company, CurrencyBird, has 12,000 customers and joins many other companies as a part of Ripplenet. Ripplenet is a "network of institutional payment providers, including remittance businesses and banks, that move money across the globe. It offers services, such as xRapid, which makes use of the cryptocurrency XRP."
  • The Security & Exchanges Commission (SEC) has announced it will be running nodes for Bitcoin & several altcoins. The list includes Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Zcash, EOS, & NEO. The purpose of running these nodes is to better understand how they work and to monitor risk, compliance, and to find anything that may need to be reported. Maybe now they will discover the burden of carrying a heavy altcoin bag.
  • Vitalik Buterin has announced he will be speaking at the Ethereal Summit 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has been a while since Vitalik has made any waves or big announcements so maybe something big will come from his presentation.

To find out more about each of these stories check out today's BitBoy Crypto News Video:

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