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Ripple CEO Says Governments May Tap Blockchain as Fiat Falters

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has once again pointed out that there is major suspicion surrounding government issued fiat currencies – and many may see blockchain based systems as the solution.

To wit –

“A year ago, many decried crypto as a scam, and now a majority of govts are looking seriously at blockchain. It addresses frictions (i.e. settlement, transparency, etc) that were assumed VERY hard to solve before. Crypto is up 80% while USD is down 3% YTD (year-to-date).”

The writing on the wall is clear – cryptos are rallying, and fiat is under major pressure. This might seem like a great situation for crypto bulls, but we can't lose sight of what a full-on fiat crisis will entail.

Burning Dollars to Stay Warm

Most people don't know much about money, and that is probably by design.

If people really understood the nature of the system that enslaves them, they would rip society apart at its seams. Now that people are waking up to the reality of the fiat money scam, we can only wonder if anything can prevent a total collapse in social cohesion.

The big problem with a lack of confidence in fiat currency is that it isn't likely to be restored by more fiat currency, this time called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

China seems to think it can foist just about anything onto its beaten down population, which may or may not be the case on an ongoing basis.

Wondering About the Game Plan...

In other nations, where people have some idea of human rights, they are unlikely to keep using the same brand of snake oil that got them into the fiat money massacre in the first place.

Make no mistake, when fiat systems collapse, lives are lost, and societies are lucky if they can hold together.

Remember the Weimar Republic? sort of ended in a guy named Hitler, and one of the worst wars in the history of humanity.

If the US-dollar led cabal that involves people like the former Pedo-Banker Jeffrey Epstein think they can use CBDCs as a SNOjob on the global population, then the fate of the post WW2 Western world order is likely sealed.

The only thing that is easy about the EZ money plan is how quickly it falls apart. Just ask anyone in Venezuela or Zimbabwe about their daily life, and how the EZ money plan worked out for their their nation and loved ones.

Little hint...the EZ money plan never works out well...

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