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Expanding our liquidity and footprint on Polygon, providing both communities with new reward opportunities.

RAMP-ETH, rUSD-USDC and ETH-Matic LP Reward Pools Launched On Polygon’s QuickSwap!

We are thrilled to announce a listing of the RAMP-ETH, rUSD-USDC and ETH-Matic trading pairs on QuickSwap along with QuickSwap reward pools and vaults on RAMP V2!

RAMP users can now participate in high-speed, low fees trading on Quickswap, compared to Ethereum-based DEXs like Uniswap.

QuickSwap is a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, powered by Polygon Network’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure. It is the leading DEX on Polygon with over $1 billion in liquidity and over $200 million of daily trading volume with the highest number of users.

QuickSwap reward pools reward RAMP-ETH and rUSD-USDC liquidity providers with QUICK tokens for their LP participation on the QuickSwap DEX.

Token Contract Addresses

RAMP (PoS) Polygon address: 0xaecebfcf604ad245eaf0d5bd68459c3a7a6399c2

rUSD (PoS) Polygon address: 0xfc40a4f89b410a1b855b5e205064a38fc29f5eb5

From Uniswap To QuickSwap: RAMP-ETH Vault Migration

Following the migration of the RAMP single asset vault from Ethereum to Polygon on 11 June 2021, the RAMP-ETH vault on Uniswap will also be migrated over QuickSwap.

For this migration, the RAMP-ETH vault rewards on Ethereum shall be reduced in staggered block times across the next 48 hours, to reach zero by Friday 03:00 UTC.

RAMP-ETH LPs are advised to move their tokens over to QuickSwap on Polygon to continue earning high yield rewards, which are currently giving an attractive ~233% APY as at time of writing.

RAMP-ETH liquidity providers can deposit their LP tokens into the RAMP-ETH Polygon Vault on RAMP V2 to have their rewards automatically accrue and compound as RAMP-ETH LP tokens, or deposit into the QuickSwap rewards pool to receive rewards in QUICK tokens.

Users can also mint rUSD against their RAMP-ETH LP tokens via the vaults and use rUSD to purchase more tokens directly on QuickSwap.

rUSD-USDC Stablecoin Vault Launched on QuickSwap

The rUSD-USDC pair is now launched on QuickSwap with a rewards pool, which gives RAMP users direct trading utility with the rUSD minted from their asset deposits.

Users who wish to earn rewards as an rUSD-USDC LP can purchase rUSD directly on QuickSwap or deposit tokens on the RAMP platform to mint rUSD tokens.

Stake the rUSD-USDC LP tokens into its vault on RAMP V2 to auto-compound for higher rewards!

ETH-MATIC LP Vault is live on RAMP V2!

The vault allows ETH-MATIC asset owners to unlock liquid capital from their farming assets by collateralizing their LP tokens for rUSD on the RAMP platform, even as they continue to enjoy APY of up to 148% (at the time of writing) at high confirmation speeds and low fees on Polygon.

rUSD can be used directly on QuickSwap to access more token opportunities.

Benefits Of Trading On QuickSwap

Users will enjoy the following benefits of trading via QuickSwap:

  1. High-speed and affordable trading transactions.
  2. If you have used Uniswap previously, you will have no issues switching to QuickSwap as the interfaces are very similar.
  3. Become a liquidity provider to earn trading fees and token rewards.

How RAMP and QuickSwap Give Crypto-Asset Owners New Leveraged Trading Opportunities

Using RAMP V2 and QuickSwap is a perfect combination for users to achieve capital efficiency. Users who deposit their staking or yield farming assets into RAMP V2 vaults will get to enjoy ultra-high APYs of up to over 500%, thanks to the auto-compounding vaults which optimizes yield returns.

Subsequently, users can mint rUSD against these asset deposits to acquire more liquidity, and utilize the rUSD directly on QuickSwap to yield farm or invest in new token opportunities.

If you have not used QuickSwap before, click here to get started with QuickSwap today!

Note: Being a liquidity provider on QuickSwap carries both risks and rewards. It is important for users to understand how profits can take place alongside the possibility of impermanent loss. Users are advised to make their own independent decisions and to only undertake liquidity provision with a clear understanding of the risks and rewards that they are exposed to.

QuickSwap is a fork of the originator of Automated Market Makers in the now rapidly expanding DeFi sector of the Cryptocurrency industry, UniSwap.

QuickSwap is unshackling decentralized trading from the performance constraints of the Ethereum mainchain. Any user will be able to trade any ERC20 token with transaction speeds of ~2 seconds and near-zero gas fees, with transactions secured by the Ethereum mainchain.

No more high fees, no more lengthy transaction times. Just high-speed, low-cost decentralized trading — for everyone. Experience the power of trading on Layer 2 at

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