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Token Metrics Review

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Token Metrics Review

Token Metrics helps crypto-investors develop cost-effective portfolios by employing crypto-indices for artificial intelligence, trade indicators, price rankings, and more than 6.000 crypto-activities. Token Metrics has a range of customers in more than 50 countries, from individual investors and traders to managers of cryptofunds.


See what the likes of Bloomberg, CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes have been raving about. This review will give you all that you need to know about the platform. 

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Today this review will cover a wide range of topics like: 

  • Token Metrics Overview
  • How much does Token Metrics cost?
  • Community Resources of Top Crypto Analysts Token Metrics 
  • How can you make money with Token Metrics?
  • Ian Balina and the Token Metrics Team 
  • Pros and Cons

Token Metrics Overview: Top Crypto Analysts  

This section of the Token Metrics review just briefly goes over the platform from a 10,000-foot view down. This is the big picture or the major pillars of the platform that people use Token Metrics for. The common thread through all of these features is quantitative crypto analytics, which Token Metrics is known for. 


Token Metrics has four major pillars of its platform: 

  • Visual trends indicators: Visual trends indicators and signals suggesting which are bullish and bearish based on machine training for more than 6000 cryptographic actifs. 


  • Rolling daily crypto price predictions: Predict trends with a larger data set with predictions for over six thousand deep-machine learning-led crypto-assets that are back-tested. Custom models give uniqueness in price fluctuations for each crypto asset.


  • Daily Crypto Ratings and Rankings: With over 70 quantifiable data points, we have evaluated more than 20 million AI models. 

  • On-Demand Token Metrics TV: Daily updates on the market, price forecasts, hidden investments, deep dives in technology, cryptography mover and shaker interviews, and much more.


How much does Token Metrics cost?

The pricing for Token Metrics ranges quite significantly. The most basic tier HODLer is equivalent to $29.99 a month, the middle Investor tier goes from $74.99 monthly, and Professional jumps up to $299.99 monthly. 


What is all the fuss that causes this price range from the top tier to the bottom tier? 

There are three different Token Metrics tiers that vary based on a number of factors such as the number of token price predictions that are included (e.g., the basic tier HODLer includes pricing on the top 100 micro-caps but the ‘Professional’ tier offers indicators for 6,000 coins). Another factor of differentiation includes the type of alert (e.g., the top tier “Professional” offers SMS and Email alerts whereas the lowest HODLer tier doesn’t offer either).

token metrics review

Community Resources of Top Crypto Analysts Token Metrics 

One of the strong parts about the Token Metrics platform is that they offer many different avenues of education, awareness, and support for their customers. To name a few of the more common resources they use, there is the blog, podcast, and newsletter. However, they go above and beyond and offer Token Metrics TV, live streams, a community forum, webinars, and an ebook. Despite the team only being four people, they have been able to cover a lot of ground and create educational content across many different channels. 

How can you make money with Token Metrics?

As a direct result of employing the short-term analytics on this platform, one user commented on how they were able to make two successful business decisions in one year. The user went on to further explain that the first strong decision occurred in January when the Token Metrics newsletter forecasted a Monero outbreak. The correct forecast identification resulted in 50% profit over a period of four weeks (more accurately, 35 days). 


Then, the user commented on the second opportunity Token Metrics informed him about. When Token Metrics was extremely bullish on BTC for short-term metrics, whereas most of the people in the sector were either hesitant or doubtful. The last trade the user made on this advice had increased by almost 10%.


This user highlights several important points. No matter what, you are the person that makes the decision at the end of the day. You are made aware of certain metrics because of Token Metrics based on data and strong curation by expert data analysts, but it’s up to you to act on the advice. Token Metrics is limited at the end of the day and it’s up to you to do your own research. 


However, it’s helpful because it can save you some time on market research or even allow you to identify new investment opportunities.

Ian Balina and the Token Metrics Team 

With experience at top-notch financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Barclays, the team for Token Metrics is stacked with experience. Ian Balina is at the helm and he has no shortage of experience both in and out of crypto. Within the crypto sphere, Balina was one of the earliest influencers that had mass appeal circa 2017. However, that was not Balina’s first rodeo. 


His work in analytics, cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurship has brought him three-million-dollar businesses into existence. Throughout his career, he has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street, INC, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ian was an early analytics evangelist at IBM and introduced a data-driven "Moneyball" investment technique, termed "Token metrics," in blockchain firms. 


Also notable on the team is William Noble. From 2004 to 2016, he served as a thought leader for Goldman Sachs which formed a basis for financial tech research. In addition to Goldman,. Noble worked at Charles Schwab and Morning Star as well. He also worked for legendary crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem at one point. 


Together with Chief Financial Officer Veera Budhi and Chief Operations Officer Sam Monac, this team of 4 had made one of the most well-respected crypto metric platforms on the internet. 


Token Metrics is effective at measuring the pricing forecasts on the market for various cryptocurrencies. The platform allows both esteemed investors and day traders the chance to identify the best new products. It has an increasingly large number of tokens that it predicts the price for so if you are craving data on trends like micro-cap crypto, then Token Metrics is definitely worth checking out. 


Perhaps the biggest con of Token Metrics is the pricing. Fortunately, they offer different pricing tiers. However, even the lowest tier of $29.99 per month is more expensive than most streaming subscriptions. Whether you weigh the importance of a streaming subscription more than you would weigh financial data is up to you. But for the average retail investor, this can be expensive. 


The good news is that we have an exclusive discount code that will save you some serious sats on a token metrics subscription trial! 

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