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BitBoy Crypto is your one stop shop for crypto resources. Whether you are just looking to get into crypto or are trying to take the next step in your crypto journey, I've got all the resources you need!


Coinbase is the gateway drug of crypto! If you are interested in purchasing crypto for the first time, visit Coinbase HERE to get a free $10 if you purchase at least $100 worth of crypto. You can currently buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash on the platform.

CoolWallet S

Hardware wallets, also known as cold storage, are much safer ways to store your crypto. The CoolWallet S is the official hardware wallet of BitBoy Crypto. This wallet is not only incredibly safe for your crypto, but it is also sleek and stylish. To learn more about the CoolWallet S, visit their website HERE.


Are you interested in crypto mining? There is not a miner that is more beginner friendly than the Honeyminer. It is basically a plug and play miner that you can get up and running in no time! You can download it by going HERE.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world. It is the next step for crypto beginners to conquer after Coinbase. Many of the Top 100 cryptocurrencies are on Binance for you to trade. To begin on Binance, go HERE.


Like Binance, Bibox is a crypto exchange. One cool thing about this crypto exchange is that they have an awesome affiliate program where you can recruit others to trade and you get a percentage of their trades. It's a win-win! To check out Bibox, go HERE.


Spectre is a brokerless trading platform. They have created a new asset class called "smart options" in which you can trade & make up to 70% in seconds. To check out their innovative platform, go HERE

Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCap.com is the most common destination for those looking to research different cryptocurrencies. It has almost 2,000 cryptocurrencies listed on the site. You can sort them by many different filters to look for gems.


Reddit is where I get almost all of my news stories from for my YouTube videos. The crowd can be very harsh there, but the CryptoCurrency subreddit is a gold mine for crypto information & news. This is a great place to discover the latest news stories that could affect price.

Brave Browser

One of the great things about blockchain technology is the introduction of decentralized platforms. One such platform is the Brave Browser. This browser blocks ads, is lightning quick, & allows users to reward content creators. To get started with Brave, download it HERE.


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