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Relevant Wants to Make it Easy to Find What is Important

Relevant is a blockchain platform that is aiming to help users determine what is important and trustworthy instead of what's popular.

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Relevant: Decentralized Fact-Checking

Relevant is a social platform and news sharing application based on blockchain technology to provide the benefits inherent to it: Decentralization and security.

The micro-cap project has the support of Coinbase Ventures, which is backing it due to the incredible potential the project seems to hold when it comes to content sharing.

Fact-checking has become an increasing concern around the world as social media and messaging apps have become the focus of critics who demand more oversight over the content its users publish to prevent misinformation from spreading,

Unfortunately, the centralized nature of those platforms means that fact-checking will be influenced by its developer’s internal policies and team’s ideology, effectively giving them the option to censor information while excusing themselves.

A truly decentralized solution could finally bring clarity to what’s real and what’s not when it comes to content on the web, building trust and providing reliable information independent from the point of view of a central authority.

The Project is Already Live and Available to Use

Coinbase Ventures is one of the companies supporting this project. It is an addition to the exchange’s portfolio which already includes fully-fledged platforms that are taking the crypto world by storm with names such as Compound, Blockfi, Coinmine, Reserve, and many others.

With Coinbase Ventures as one of the companies supporting this project, Relevant has received more attention in the few last days.

Relevant is not just an idea at this time as it is already live on the iOS and Android app stores with fully functional applications that provide the benefits of the platform’s vision, which almost 7,000 users are already using.

Reputation and Incentive Protocols as the Backbone

The platform uses reputation and incentive protocols to promote the curation of quality information, preventing fake news and disinformation campaigns which are two of the banes of the modern internet.

The reputation protocol allows the platform to identify and rank experts by specific topics to determine their expertise based on who endorses them and shares their content.

Relevant’s whitepaper defines reputation as the “information we use to assess someone’s trustworthiness… to help filter and rank content, enabling users to discover quality articles recommended by the community.”

The reputation aims to be context-specific depending on the topic and section of the platform users are publishing at and browsing before computing the reputation scores.

On the other hand, the incentive protocol aims to encourage users to improve the quality of the content in the information and the accuracy of the information contained in it, differentiating between experts and non-experts in the subject.

The objective of this protocol is to create a meritocratic distribution and circulation system to reward users who provide the most value to the ecosystem, benefiting it as well as its users.

REL Token: The Next Big Thing?

Relevant is powered by its native REL token, which is used by users to access all the features and services the platform has to offer as well as pay for services, skills, and products.

Relevant’s token has a market capitalization of $263,000 at this time and is ranked #1109 according to Coingecko, with pages like CounMarketCap not having listed at this time, making it a true micro cap project at the time.

REL is currently available on MXC, Uniswap,, & Bilaxy, allowing for investors to start acquiring the tokens if they want to support the project.

The REL token is currently valued at 1.62 cents in Uniswap while Coingecko values it around $1.71 each at this time, which represents a gain of about 50% in the last 7 days.

Relevant wants its coin to appreciate over time but with a circulating supply of a shade over 300,000, now could be the best time for investors to jump in and support the project.

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