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The past 2021 is a year to commemorate, for Rangers Protocol successfully passed multiple significant milestones, including the brand upgrade, IDO, and mainnet launch. In the new year of 2022, Rangers Protocol will have even more to deliver.

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Explosive Growth of Public Chains

2021 is a year of breakthrough for cryptocurrencies, among which the outbreak of new public chains is the most remarkable. At the end of the year, in the 2021 annual reports and the outlook for 2022 by major media and institutions, the keyword “growth” can always be found when mentioning Layer-1 public chains.

The Block stated in its annual report that “non-Ethereum L1s with comparatively lower fees began to take center stage”. Coinbase believed we would live in a multi-chain world, and there would be new Layer-1 public chains coming out, focusing on specific use cases, such as gaming or social media.

Indeed, if you were already in the cryptocurrency storm last year, you should have noticed the rise of new public chains such as Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, etc. Looking at the development history of these public chains, they did not just explode overnight. The aforementioned EVM-compatible Solana and Avalanche are the best examples.Solana was established in 2017, and after four years of precipitation, it ushered in explosive growth in the summer of 2021. Avalanche was established in 2018, and it took a giant leap forward following the release of the Avalanche Rush project in August 2021 and a $230 million financing in Q3 2021. Its main progress was that its TVL had grown by over $13.5 billion since Q3 began and retained a significant portion of it over the past months. (Data source: The Block)Rangers Protocol, also established in 2018 and EVM-compatible, may as well have a prospect of explosive growth in 2022, together with the exploding public chains.

Rangers Protocol 2021 Achievements

In 2021, Rangers Protocol achieved remarkable success by reaching multiple milestones one after another:

  • Technology iteration and financing preparation;
  • Rocket Protocol raised $1.2 million in seed funding led by Pantera, Framework Ventures, and SevenX Ventures;
  • Rocket Protocol was officially upgraded to Rangers Protocol and received a $2.5 million private financing round. Pantera led the investment, which involved 16 investment institutions. Rangers Protocol’s valuation hit $63 million;
  • Rangers Protocol officially released the first version of the testnet and successfully ported the DeFi protocol BlueStone;
  • Rangers Protocol ecological token RPG completed an IDO of $420,000 on Polkastarter with an initial release price of $4, marking the official launch of RPG. RPG was then released on the secondary market, with Uniswap and Pancakeswap as distribution platforms. Within 16 hours after the release, the highest price of RPG reached $25.39;
  • Robin Testnet was officially released, and users can use Robin for NFT cross-chain; in the same month, the highest price of RPG exceeded $60;
  • Rangers Protocol mainnet was officially launched, with the FT cross-chain function released and the NFT cross-chain function environment deployed.

After Rangers Protocol’s mainnet launch, the technical team has not stopped working, and continues to maintain the upgrade and stability of its underlying technology.

  • Robin Testnet upgrade was completed for developers to deploy and test the NFT cross-chain function in a more stable environment. DeHero has finished its functions deployment on Robin;
  • Rangers Protocol released the first community co-creation project, Loot Rangers;
  • Rangers Protocol updated the mainnet node security policy, focusing on monitoring hacking behaviors such as abnormal logins;
  • Rangers Protocol cooperated with top security companies in the industry to conduct audits on infiltration and other attacks;
  • Rangers Protocol’s ChainID was updated to 2025;
  • Node entrustment pledge system was designed, and the VM pledge instructions were completed. Contract development had been completed 60%;
  • The node management page was developed. The reward address replacement page and the verification node application page were completed;
  • In terms of documentation, Rangers Connector and node governance contents were added to the Rangers Protocol white paper.

In 2022, Rangers Protocol plans to officially open its business layout and focus on node construction, developer recruitment, and Dapp deployment.

2022 Roadmap

As a Metaverse infrastructure, Rangers Protocol strives to provide the best support to developers and users in NFTs and complex applications deployment and NFT cross-chain.In 2022, the Rangers Protocol team will continue developing its core technologies — Rangers Engine and Rangers Connector with a clear roadmap to follow through.

  • Rangers Protocol will upgrade the mass-oriented light wallet into a non-custodial wallet. Mass users will be able to log in and access the distributed crypto wallet of the blockchain through social accounts.
  • Also, delegate node staking will be realized through an entrusted stake system, so token holders can participate in the node’s rewards distribution without becoming a node.
  • Moreover, the node’s toolset will be improved through a node network management platform, where the node operator can monitor the status of the global network and manage the nodes.
  • Meanwhile, Rangers Connector will be upgraded into a Secure Multi-Party Computation Chain based on VRF+TSS (ECDSA).
  • A sub-chain plan will be launched to support developers in publishing sub-chains heterogeneous to Rangers Engine. By then, developers will be able to customize essential components and tokens and governance of the sub-chains and share the nodes and community of the parent chain.

Ranger Protocol will keep marching ahead in 2022 to deliver more solid support and valuable resources to developers of blockchain and traditional games and other complex applications to make a real difference in the construction of Metaverse.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | GitBook | Linktree

Original article published on Ranger Protocol’s Medium. (Bitboy Crypto has invested in Rangers Protocol.)

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