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Prysmatic Labs to Launch New Test Network Over Weekend

The Ethereum 2.0 client implementation team, Prysmatic Labs, plans to launch its new testnet version this weekend. The team has suggested that three projects, including Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond, should be developed further.

Topaz, which is the latest release and amplifies the previous iterations, will consist of the full configuration of the ETH 2.0 Phase-0 mainnet for the first time. Validators on Topaz will need to deposit the full 32 ETH to participate while those on the Sapphire testnet only have to deposit 3.2 ETH.

Preston van Loon, the co-founder at Prysmatic Labs, said in a report:

“This testnet is significant in that it mirrors mainnet scale and parameters to the fullest extent. Previous testnet iterations had used either a smaller scale configuration for rapid iteration or used fractional deposits instead of the full 32 ETH deposit value.”

Prysmatic Labs is Making Progress

Prysmatic Labs has denied its Sapphire validators and has sent new genesis deposits as of today. As the co-founder revealed, the launch time for Topez will be either April 18th 00:00 UTC or April 19th 00:00 UTC.

A multi-client testnet, which involves two or more compatible clients, will have to run for at least two months before the Phase 0 mainnet launch could take place.

Van Loon explained that Topaz will be a single-client testnet, however, it will support interoperability between other clients on the latest specifications for Phase 0.

He stated that:

“When other client teams update to the latest specification, we fully expect to have multiple clients validating in Topaz, but this network is not the official coordinated multi-client testnet that we require before mainnet release.”

More Tools for Ethereum are Coming

In other Ethereum development news, one of the most popular block explorers for the Ethereum blockchain, Etherscan, has announced to launch a new tool meant to help users identify tainted addresses, called ETHProtect.

The new tool traces tainted funds down to users’ origin and keeps track of them on the blockchain. Users can be alerted to addresses that has received funds associated with fraudulent activities, phishing schemes, hacks, scams, or other unsavory actions.

ETHProtect uses a Taint Inference Analysis Engine and can “modify parameters and identify tainted addresses for each unique scenario as addresses can be compromised under various circumstances” according to Etherscan.

The system is completed by an off-chain database of addresses. Ethereum is sometimes thought of as a second tier crypto, but there is a huge development community behind the platform. In time, it may become one of the most important decentralized networks on the planet.

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