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We are pleased to announce the release of Noether’s Proof of Stake System: Version 1.1, one of our milestones for Q1. This release represents an upgrade to the Noether Node and CTSI staking system, preceding the upcoming staking delegation release, which is in the works for our Q2 release.

Full changelog details can be found via our Github here, or summarized below:

  • Option to use ETH Gas Station API for enhanced gas price prediction — Thanks to Alexandre Abrioux from our community for the contribution!
  • Docker image built for ARM V7 (32 bits), so it works with Raspberry PI 32 Bits OS.
  • Support for graceful shutdown of docker container (CTRL-C).

In addition, the following changes were made:

  • Reduced gas of block production by 23%.
  • Reduced race conditions in some edge cases.
  • Improved revert message in some cases of race conditions.

The full release can be found on Noether’s public Github repository here. All CTSI holders that are currently staking will be required to update their nodes and authorize the new protocol via the Cartesi explorer.

NOTE: All users who are running their own node must authorize the new protocol. Users who don’t upgrade the node or don’t authorize the new protocol will cease producing blocks on March 15, 2021. Users who hire new nodes from now on will only participate in the new protocol, starting March 15, 2021.

This does not include any users who are using custodial staking services such as MyCointainer or Coinone

Step by Step Instructions to Upgrade

  1. First update your node following the appropriate procedure for your node type (docker or Heroku node). The update procedures are available on Noether’s github wiki (
  2. After upgrading your node, you should receive a warning or error message, depending on how close to the protocol update you perform the action, such as the following:
[2021–03–01T20:47:34.865Z] ERROR: [0x20516624DE3cbE267a514fE91c31477369524fcE] worker not authorized to interact with PoS(0x20516624DE3cbE267a514fE91c31477369524fcE), please go to and authorize

3. Head over to the Cartesi Explorer.

4. Click the authorize button (as shown in the picture below):

Image for post

5. Approve the transaction via your Metamask. Once the transaction is processed, your node will stop giving you the new protocol authorization message and will start to exhibit a message similar to one of these two instead (the exact message depends on how long before the protocol launch date you update your node):

[2021–03–02T03:24:45.554Z] DEBUG: [0x20516624DE3cbE267a514fE91c31477369524fcE] no chains


[2021–03–01T20:48:33.041Z] DEBUG: [0x20516624DE3cbE267a514fE91c31477369524fcE/0] zero reward at RewardManager(0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

That’s it, you are ready for the new protocol release! As always, let us know if you have any problems or doubts and make sure to join our Discord channel for questions or support.

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