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In this article, we will shine a light on the entire process of participating in the Ferrum Network FAS presales.

The first step in presale participation is to hold the right amount of FRM on your Unifyre Wallet, here is a breakdown of holder levels:

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Once the FAS project is announced we will send out a ‘Pledge form’ via email, this document allows you to specify if you’re interested in participating in such presale and how much capital you’re willing to commit.

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The pledge form also asks you to confirm some general terms and conditions.

The contribution form will follow after completing the pledge form (it can sometimes take days/few weeks)

This form is where you can perform the actual contribution towards the presale, the invitation email will contain the amount you’re eligible to invest.

Go ahead and access your contribution form linked in the email (Note: the only email address that will contact you with distribution details is or, make sure you check the sender address before participating!)

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When filling out the contribution form you’ll also see the deal information, here you’ll find the price per token, vesting, and other key information + a contribution address where you’ll need to send the funds to (Usually the asset will be USDT or USDC unless specified otherwise)

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The distribution of presale tokens is done in stages, these are always explained in the ‘Deal’ section of your distribution forms.

Note: When making your contribution please use Unifyre Wallet or MetaMask (Or any other ERC20 compatible wallet) please DO NOT use exchanges to contribute as the presale tokens will not be able to be sent over to the exchange.

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