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Power Ledger Technology Adopted to Empower Renewable Energy

Power Ledger, an Australian blockchain firm, has partnered with ekWateur, a French green energy retailer to offer more than 200,000 French residents the opportunity to customize their energy mix by adding green power to their daily useage profile.

Blockchain technology is being used by the new team to securely certify its source, according to a recent announcement. With this new partnership, ekWakteur’s network of over 220,000 electricity meters across France will be connected to a new blockchain-enabled tool from Power Ledger, called Vision.

EkWakteur is a green energy retailer and aggregator, supplying 100% renewable electricity generated from wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and hydraulic plans as well as is the first company in France to provide 100% renewable gas from biomethane.

Power Ledger Grows its Connections

Power Ledger’s blockchain tool allows households to select their preferred energy mix and track it in 30-minute intervals, which relies on the Vision platform to certify the origin and source of their chosen supply.

The executive chairman of Power Ledger, Dr. Jemma Green, said:

“Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbor’s solar rooftop panels or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers choice and control over their energy source.”

According to Dr. Green, both firms highlight the role of consumer choice and flexibility which can play a role in meeting the targets set at the Paris Climate Accords. This agreement aims at a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Households need to be allowed to make the switch to green energy.

The chairman claims that the technology is set to work across ekWakteur’s network by the year’s end and gives customers expanded control and security as “a world-first in energy trading”.

Great Ideas for Clean Energy

Researchers at Ireland’s Economic and Social Research Institute suggested that blockchain can provide the infrastructure to innovative renewable energy management early this year. They suggested tools, which would support in selling of renewable electricity generation and tokenized interaction between energy suppliers and consumers.

Meanwhile, Power Ledger has developed a blockchain-enabled renewable energy trading platform and a series of associated tools that support energy trading, renewable asset financing and more efficient carbon and renewable energy credit markets.

In September 2019, Power Ledger launched its first trial of peer-to-peer energy trading technology in rural areas of Australia, which is designed to support commercial settlements and farms to improve the efficiency of the power grid as well as reduce associated costs.

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