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What’s up guys. Today I’m doing an portfolio update that’s a little different than what I’ve done in the past. We’ve consolidated a lot of our holdings as well as diversified into real estate, staking pools, and other stuff. Let’s get it!

First asset that’s the most fun to own…the Lambo. My 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante is worth about 350k and has held it’s value for the 6 months that I’ve owned it.

Since February we’ve been taking profits and rolled them into some real estate not just in the Hit Factory but in rental properties. To date we own $5 million in real estate spread across 7 properties.

We also have 1.5 million in fiat in a bank and that’s just to keep it super liquid in case a big opportunity pops up.

That’s all of the physical assets, let’s get digital:

Bitcoin = one hundred and six point six worth four point one million dollars (101.6 : $4.1 million)

Ethereum = one thousand one hundred and fifty two point nine ETH worth three point three six million (1,152.9 : $3.36 million)

Stablecoins split between tether, USDC and Gemini Dollar that total two point for million (2.4 million)

Cardano = 1 million worth nine hundred and twenty five thousand ($925,000) most of that is delegated to the Bitpool, more on that in a moment.

Next we have one million eighteen thousand XRP worth eight hundred and twenty four thousand dollars. (1,018,211 : $824,283)

Polkadot is next coming in at thirty nine thousand two hundred and eighty four DOT that’s worth seven hundred and eighty five thousand. (39,284 : $785,000)

Someone unplugged the router check on Solana. We hold seven thousand six hundred and ninety six SOL that’s worth seven hundred and five thousand dollars (7696 : $705,000)

We have seven thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight AVAX worth six hundred and seven thousand frozen presidents (7838 : $607,000)

For Everyones favorite Elrond we hold three thousand six hundred and fifty five ELGD worth six hundred and sixty nine-nice-thousand dollars (3655 : $669,116)

Next we have nine thousand nine hundred and forty three FTT worth fourhundred and thirty seven thousand dollars (9943 : $437,000)

We have fourteen thousand seven hundred and two ATOM worth four hundred and nine K (14,702 : $409,573)

Seven hundred and eighty eight BNB worth three hundred grand (788 : $310,000)

Forty thousand RUNE worth three hundred and fifty thousand dollars (40,756 = $350,000)

One point three million HBAR worth two hundred and eighteen thousand dollars (1.3 million : $218,000)

Almost four hundred thousand Polygon worth six hundred thousand dollars (394,462 : $596,147)

Ten thousand Chainlink coming in at one hundred and fifty-five K (10,006 : $155,146)

Two hundred and forty thousand Cronos tokens that add up to one hundred thousand dollars (240,000 : 100,286)

A bucket of SAND worth one hundred thousand clams (31610 : $99,120)

One hundred and nineteen thousand ALGO worth ninety five thousand dollars (119,682 : $95,474)

Celsius is keeping us chill so we hold twenty five thousand CEL tokens worth eighty three thousand dollars (25k : $83,084)

We’ve put a lot in IMX recently so we now hold thirty three thousand IMX tokens worth seventy five thousand dollars = 33,093 : $75,496

Everyone loves CAKE and we have two thousand four hundred and six of them worth seventy five thousand bucks. That’s a lot of frosting. (2,406 : $75,000)

Don’t sleep on LUNA like we did. We have seven hundred and eighty eight Luna tokens and are looking to accumulate more soon. (788 : $67,251)

And lastly we have three thousand THETA worth about ten grand. = 3,112 : $9,649

I’ve got a couple dozen more holdings that are less than 10k like Axie, Bittoken, Tezos, Harmony and Litecoin. All in all those smaller holds add up to $120k

***Freestyle about investing philosophy and what the future is for your crypto purchases****

I am really proud of our staking pools and the work we’ve put into them. We have pools for Cardano, Cartesi, Wanchain, Phoenix, Presearch and pretty soon AVAX. If you want more information on how to stake on our pools we’ve posted them in the description. Thousand of squad members are joining us in reaping the staking rewards so don’t miss out.

We were an early buyer in Sandbox and currently own 2.5 million dollars worth of Sandbox land – 40% of which we lease out to the Bitsquad so they can make their presence known in the metaverse.

I’m excited to share that NFTs are a growing part of our portfolio and have been very dynamic in their price action of the past 3 months. We own:

Bored Ape 5012

Mutant ape 3889

1 bored ape kennel club dog

A meebit

Cryptopunk 6913

blackhole Pluto Alliance Elien 52

And 2 Adam Bomb Squads

All this totals up to about 286 Eth or eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of illiquid jpegs.

All in all Bitboy Crypto and Hit Network is worth roughly $33 million and counting.


Crypto is down but Bitboy and HitNetwork are going strong. We’ve got a long-term mindset for the peoples channel and being open and transparent with how we make our gains is part of that. That’s all I got. Be Blessed. Bitboy Out.

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