Posted 1 year ago | by Ben Armstrong

Poloniex Exchange Making Big Changes

Cryptocurrency investors in America can now add Poloniex to the list of exchanges it can no longer trade on. Poloniex will join the list of other exchanges recently removing access for Americans including Binance & Bitfinex. The change goes into effect immediately meaning no U.S. Citizens will be able to create accounts.

If you have a current Poloniex account & you are an American then don't worry as you have until December 15th, 2019 to remove your funds. Crypto trading from American accounts will be suspended as of November 1st. An email was sent out to all American Poloniex account holders with all of the details.

Coinciding with the removal of American account holders, Poloniex also announced that it would be moving on from its parent company, Circle. Poloniex will also be changing the name of its company. The new name is Polo Digital Assets, Inc. In the announcement there were details about the group backing the new move:

The new company will have the full backing of a major Asian investment group, who intends to focus on the needs of global crypto traders.

Rumors are now circulating that the Asian group referred to in the announcement is none other than Justin Sun, the infamous founder of the cryptocurrency TRON.

Here is a screenshot of the full email: