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Phemex Trading Competition

Phemex Trading Arena 4


Calling all Bitsquad members! Come join the Bitboy and the BitSquad in Phemex's trading competition that pits different teams of traders against each other as we compete for a maximum prize pool of $750,000 worth of Bitcoin.

For more information on Phemex, check out our review here

The Rewards


Team Rewards

  • The 1st Place Team receives 25% of the total prize pool
  • The 2nd Place Team receives 15% of the total prize pool
  • The 3rd Place Team receives 8% of the total prize pool
  • The 4th-10th Place Teams receive an equal share of 30% of the total prize pool

Individual Rewards

Individual Awards amount to 22% of the final prize pool. Here's the breakdown:

  • The 1st Place Individual receives 8% of the total prize pool
  • The 2nd Place Individual receives 5% of the total prize pool
  • The 3rd Place Individual receives 2% of the total prize pool
  • The 4th-10th Place Individual receive an equal share of 7% of the total prize pool

Additional Rewards

  • Captains of a winning team will receive 40% of their respective team’s award
  • The top 10 team members of each winning team will share 30% of their team’s award equally. All other team members will share the remaining 30%
  • If a winning team has less than 20 members, the captain will receive 40% of the team’s award, while the other 60% will be divided equally among the rest of the team members. Accounts with transaction volumes below 500 USD during the competition period will not be eligible to receive any awards


The Timeline

The trading competition will run from December 10 to December 25. After the contest is finished, winning teams, as well as the rewards, will be announced and rewards will be distributed on December 25.


Important Info

  • All Team Member‘s BTC Trading Account must have a net balance of at least 0.005 BTC at the start of the competition.
  • Only team members with a transaction volume of 500 USD or more during the competition will be counted as valid team members towards the captain reward.





  1. This is a BTC/USD perpetual contract trading competition only. All calculations will be based on BTC Trading Account data.
  2. Once member registration opens, Phemex users can sign up to join any team of their choice. A user's BTC Trading Account net value must be at least 0.005 BTC at the time of registration.
  3. Once the competition begins, if a user's BTC Trading Account net value is below 0.005 BTC, the initial net value will still be calculated as 0.005 BTC.
  4. Once you have successfully joined a team, you can no longer change teams.
  5. Teams have no restrictions for the maximum amount of members, but must have a minimum of 10 members. If a team has less than 10 members by the time the competition starts, the team will be disbanded and members will be randomly assigned to other teams that meet the requirements.
  6. Awards will be distributed within 7 days after the competition ends. The prize will be distributed in ВТС.
  7. The following actions will result in immediate disqualifications of both teams and individuals.
    (1) Batch account registrations
    (2) Profits from market manipulation
    (3) Reverse transactions between team members to yield higher ROI's for a certain percentage of the team at the expense of the rest.
    (4) No API users are allowed.
  8. Sub-accounts cannot count as individual participants in this competition.
  9. The final amount of BTC issued is subject to the OTC Settlement Rate exchange rate on the day of issue, and Phemex has the final right to interpret the converted price.
  10. Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding determinations on these rules.
  11. Trading bonuses and Captain rewards will be issued during the prize distribution phase.


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