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Pandemic Creates Enormous Food Shortages – Welcome to Global Venezuela

The political response to COVID-19 is starting to be felt in the global food supply chain. While most of the acute effects from the economic collapse have hit poorer nations – there is evidence that many communities in the US will soon suffer from food insecurity.

Many people aren't going back anytime soon and this has been putting pressure on the poorest people across the globe. Food shortages have become more and more of a problem – and there is no clear solution.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), before the pandemic, up to 55 countries totaling up to 135 million individuals were facing high food insecurity.

Because the global political class opted for an economic shutdown, an “additional 130 million people could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020. That’s a total of 265 million people”, research conducted by the WFP suggests.

Food Shortages are Real – Food Riots are Too

According to food experts from the WFP, intervention during this crisis is important. or else the consequences could be catastrophic.

The group stated,

“If we can’t reach these people with the life-saving assistance they need, our analysis shows that 300,000 people could starve to death every single day over a three-month period.”

Regions like Africa and the Middle East have been hit with a high death toll that has been attributed to economic fallout from COVID-19, not the virus. A story run by Bloomberg also shows a harrowing vision of the “pandemic diet” in Latin America.

The story cites a local family in Central America,

"We used to eat meat. Now, there's no meat. We used to eat chicken. Now, there's no chicken. We used to drink milk. Now, there's no milk."

Without meat, the family resorted to eating a combination of tortilla, beans and rice seasoned with salt.

There Are No Borders Anymore

Latin American countries lack the necessary backing to provide food aid – but these same problems could be in advanced economies in a matter of months.

The pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption in the food production industry, with farmers barely able to make ends meet under an ineffective subsidy by the federal government.

As reported by NBC News, US government expenditure of $19 billion in the budget to support farmers has been unfairly distributed.

Large corporate farms were given up to $1.2 billion in relief which averages out to $95,000 per payment. While smaller farms received a measly average of roughly $300.

The net effect from this ineffective planning could be throngs of angry, starving people who have firearms – but no hope.

Migrants Are Smashing North

Things weren't great in places like Guatemala and Nicaragua before COVID-19 – and now they are terrible.

The poor social planning by the political class is causing people to look for better places to live – like the 1,000+ migrants that just blew through the Guatemalan border with Honduras heading for the USA.

CBS News quoted a migrant as saying,

“I'm leaving with my husband and my two children. There is no work here. There is nothing to do, and if you find a job they only pay you 100 lempiras ($4) a day.”

Sadly – there isn't any work in the USA – and the pandemic has created some of the worst conditions ever for anyone who wants to break into the USA.

From a wider perspective – the same planning issues that have turned Venezuela into an economic basket case that is run by a two-bit hustler are playing out on the global stage. Central planning doesn't work – and populism destroys economic potential.

Venezuela has the largest petroleum reserves on earth – and most of its citizens live in abject poverty.

Unlike many developing nations – Venezuela was one of the richest nations on earth. The same economic thinking that made it poor are being used to tank the rest of the planet – and we can expect similar results.

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