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Popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea has announced that it has banned PolygonPunks, a doppelganger clone project based on the widely popular CryptoPunks built on Matic’s chain. However, two of the site’s admins, Nate Chastain and Dan’s wallets, openly show that they hold other clones of CryptoPunks themselves that can still be traded on the marketplace.

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This highlights the obvious hypocrisy and general censorship of PolygonPunks, which quickly emerged as the second-most popular collection on OpenSea by volume with roughly $37,000 worth of trading in 24 hours, according to Coin Telegraph (Tell-lie-graph.)

After backlash from PolygonPunks holders both on Twitter and Discord, OpenSea’s Nate Chastain has still not commented on the removal himself at the time of this report. However, he did explain in an unrelated tweet that the marketplace’s action was likely taken due to being a “buyer safety issue,” after Chastain commented on another clone project called Fast Food Punks.

Chastain further wrote that OpenSea does not verify projects that promote “light homage” or “derivative collections,” expressing that the company refers to “the original IP creator” as to whether or not projects like PolygonPunks should be removed from the OpenSea marketplace. It’s worth noting that Fast Food Punks is still listed on OpenSea at the time of this report despite having a clear imitation of the McDonald’s logo.

Cointelegraph noted that Chastain’s comments “suggest that PolygonPunks may have been removed from OpenSea at the behest of CryptoPunks’ creator, Larva Labs.” However, the quote that Coin Tell-lie-graph reported was not associated with PolygonPunks and was actually related to another project called Fast Food Punks. Chastain himself noted the misattribution of his quote on Twitter, adding that Cointelegraph “never asked him for a comment.”

According to screenshots inside the OpenSea Discord server, an admin has claimed that there was a DMCA takedown request for PolygonPunks after he was asked why they haven’t removed PopPunks yet.

DMCAPopPunks OpenSea Censors PolygonPunks, Wallets Show Conflict Of Interest Admins Hold CryptoPunks And Other Clones

PolygonPunks asked Nate on Twitter to see the DMCA takedown letter for their NFTs, which uses different backgrounds for the art.

Ironically, the CryptoPunks website expresses in its Terms and Conditions (TAC) that the project is “decentralized and only software running on Ethereum.” It also further expresses that “no CryptoPunks ownership is managed by this website or by Larva Labs LLC.”

ToSOpenSea OpenSea Censors PolygonPunks, Wallets Show Conflict Of Interest Admins Hold CryptoPunks And Other Clones

If that’s not enough, the Github for the project itself states, that its “license applies to Software and Code and does not apply to artwork or images related to this project.”

Larva Labs LLC has not yet commented about the situation.

Whereas Coin Telegraph falsely reported a quote associated with the removal of PolygonPunks, they missed the glaring hypocrisy since both Chastain and Dan_OpenSea; both admins seem to hold CryptoPunks and advertise their investment on Twitter in their avatars. You can view their wallets showing the owned CryptoPunks NFT artwork here and here. There is also a double standard here as Chastain himself owns an NFT of PopPunks, another clone of CryptoPunks, according to his wallet. While Dan’s wallet also owns a different clone of CryptoPunks called Bastard Punks.

A supporter of PolygonPunks has created a petition calling to “Relist PolygonPunks on Opensea​.​io.” Meanwhile, many on crypto Twitter, including those from the crypto offshoot of Wall Street Bets the Satoshi Street Bets (SSB) community, have expressed that OpenSea is now “Closed” tweeting with the hashtag #ClosedSea to fan out anger over the delisting of PolygonPunks.

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $37,852.54] DOWN -2.1% in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.

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