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Hoo Exchange has officially launched the LOOT/USDT trading pair at 7:00 AM(UTC) on March 25, 2021. Deposits are now opened and withdrawals will be enabled at 2:00 AM(UTC) on March 26, 2021. To celebrate the official listing of LOOT, both parties with co-host 3 events, with 500,000 LOOT to be won.

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500,000 LOOT to Be Won! Will List LOOT on March 25

Hoo will list LOOT/USDT trading pair at 15:00 on March 25, 2021 (UTC+8) Deposit: Enabled Withdrawal: 10:00 on March…

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XLOOT is the first NFT assets trading platform launched on IOST and was officially launched in April 2020. It is also the first NFT asset trading platform that supported IOST’s mainnet IRC721 protocol, which guarantees the free transfer and transaction of NFT assets issued based on the IRC721 protocol.

LOOT Game Assets Exchange was officially launched in January 2020 and developed by the IOST partner node XPET.

As a comprehensive gaming assets exchange, XLOOT aims to promote the integration of traditional games and blockchain games and use blockchain technology in the game assets property rights and efficient circulation to achieve the mapping reuse of the same game asset among multiple independent games. Their vision is to become an eBay alike platform in the gaming field, providing one-stop game asset issuance, purchase, and sales services for game developers and game players.

LOOT is close to the launch of its cross-chain assets plan. The platform, which currently supports EOS and IOST public chains, is planning to integrate Ethereum and other public chains such as BSC, OKExchain, Heco, etc., to support the transaction of Ethereum mainstream NFT protocol assets including ERC721 and ERC1155. In terms of the implementation of NFT applications, LOOT will explore three directions in-depth: NFT asset cross-game reuse, NFT blind boxes, and NFT crypto community.

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