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OG Teams Up With Blockchain-Based Gaming Company DMScript

With a special aim of promoting true blockchain interoperability and utility, Esport organization OG announced its collaboration with a blockchain-based gaming technology company DMScript.

The Esports Observer reports that DMScript products will get support from the OG Esport team-CS: GO, by showing the business logo through wearing clothes at electronic esports tournaments across the world.

The collaboration also facilitates DMScript to understand more about the esports area’s needs and to explore the potential of the industry. It will motivate DMScript to generate innovative approaches, high-quality solutions and services that will enhance the player's quality of life.

New Moves from OG

As part of OG, the partnership will be beneficial for development and expansion of the organization. DMScript will provide technical solutions to support the company's growth.

The strategic relationship with DMScript won't be the last time OG works with a tech firm. OG Co-Owner and CRO Xavier Oswald stated that the esports organization plans on establishing more collaborations with technology companies in the coming year.

OG has already managed to enter an agreement with both SteelSeries and Secretlab and has closed a deal with Red Bull, integrating the Red Bull name into the OG logo.

More Blockchain in Gaming

The search for blockchain-based development solutions has led to innovations in expanding processing capabilities as well as creating new types of virtual assets, regarding the game industry.

Gamers are equipped with useful tools, including decentralized asset exchanges, the ability to validate ownership of virtual assets or virtual objects in the game. Besides, the implementation of high-speed payment transactions offers programmers the opportunity to make money from the digital products they create.

With the coming of blockchain as a groundbreaking technological advance, it’s easy to see how the esports industry is cooperating with the new technology.

New Ideas for a Massive Industry

Esports is lacking an infrastructure to connect participants, a tool to build and manage a team, and an established path for players from amateur to professional. There is also a lack of statistics or other analysis for individual and group performance.

Blockchain is expected to solve these problems within the eSports industry. In eSports, blockchain can play a role as a connecting point for each party, providing a framework for administering and monitoring contracts, agreements, and payments between industry participants.

Esports and blockchain have developed a stronger bond in recent years, as more businesses will look at the advantages of blockchain technology.

South Korea's Ludena Protocol has partnered with Theta to award players for streaming content. Crypto-backed esports tournaments taking place is also a clear evident for the close relationship between esports and blockchain.

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