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Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) known better as digital collectibles are going mainstream with several brands jumping into the minting frenzy including — Budweiser, Visa, Taco Bell, Charmin, Louis Vutton, and many more. With so many brands focused on NFTs, the trend certainly shouldn’t be ignored, offering collectors a chance to own rare digital memorabilia which could be worth a fortune in the future.

AdobeStock 429591622 NFTs Are Going Mainstream With BIG Brands Including - Budweiser, Visa, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, Louis Vutton And More

NFTs Are Going Mainstream!

Budweiser recently changed its Twitter profile to an NFT from the Rocket Factory NFT series that they bought for 8 ETH (roughly $26,000 at the time.)  In addition, the company also registered an Ethereum domain name, called beer.eth, for 30 ETH (approximately $100,000).

Visa one of the oldest payment giants in the world, also made the news this week after it paid as much as $165,000 for an 8-bit CryptoPunk, one out of 10,000 of the world’s first NFTs. Visa like Budweiser raised the new digital collectible method on Twitter. stating: “Over the last 60 years, Visa has built a collection of historic commerce artifacts – from early paper credit cards to the zip-zap machine. Today, as we enter a new era of NFT-commerce, Visa welcomes CryptoPunk #7610 to our collection.”

A few months back even Taco Bell, decided to get involved in the trend when it surprisingly released a collection of Taco-themed digital collectibles which quickly sold out. Another brand that you wouldn’t expect to see creating NFTs Louis Vutton released its own digital collectibles in a game the fashion brand designed called Louis The Game for its 200th anniversary. In the virtual world, players play to collect NFTs. The game, features Vivienne, a character who travels the world to cities like Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, New York, and London to collect candles called 200 Anecdote.

That’s not the only brands diving into NFTs there’s also — Nike, Pringles, Pizza Hut, Bratz, Formula 1, Coca-Cola, and even toilet paper brand Charmin,

Before NFTs were even widely popular in 2019, smartphone behemoth Vodafone was one of the first visionary companies to launch an augmented reality (AR) game where players were tasked with finding in-game NFTs called Vatoms on the streets of central London. The game was so widely popular that only a year later the smartphone company partnered with Samsung to give away thousands of tech prizes that were linked to the game’s NFTs.

As a side note, many of these brands that are purchasing or selling NFTs are interacting with the Ethereum blockchain to do so, this means that they effectively hold ETH in some capacity.

With so many brands getting involved in NFTs, one may say, this could be a signal of the top for NFTs. However, there continue to be new platforms and popular collections being created and sold daily in not just artwork but audio and video as well. We keep telling you but NFTs are going to be utilized in a number of industries in the future. Although it may appear that NFTs are oversaturated as a trend, the digital collectible gold rush is only just beginning. This means that we should only expect more and more big brands to digitize their namesake as a collectible for consumers.

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