Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

NFL Star Russell Okung Will be Holding a Bitcoin Meetup for Beginners

While many NFL players know all too much about a good block, LA Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung is learning more and more each day about a good "block"chain. Since discovering the Bitcoin world, Okung has quickly become a vocal and passionate voice in the space. While most crypto enthusiasts are trapped within the echo chamber in which we live, Okung has a voice that can reach people that others cannot.

He's now taking his influence to a new level as he is preparing to host a Bitcoin meetup for beginners (or as he calls them "Rookies" of course keeping with the sports theme). The event will be held on Sunday, September 1st in Los Angeles:

Okung is not the only NFL player to mention his love for Bitcoin. Both former USC QB Matt Barkley & the trash talking 49er CB Richard Sherman have both been vocal about their interest in cryptocurrency. The sports world is a generally untapped market when it comes to cryptocurrency. However, this seems odd because of the high salaries.

It would appear on the surface as if investing in cryptocurrency would be something that could drastically hedge an NFL player's assets for the future. The average NFL player only has a little over a 3 year career so investing in cryptocurrency with a high salary could prevent some players from going broke in the future.

Imagine the impact an athlete like Lebron James or Tom Brady could have if they developed a love for cryptocurrency. It may not be that far off.

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