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The Next XRP? – LCX Review

The Next XRP? – LCX Review

By: Ben Armstrong | January 9, 2023

Hold up – How does a country that’s HALF THE SIZE of Atlanta, have the WORLDS HIGHEST GDP and have it’s own National Blockchain that’s approved by the ISO 20022 standard board? One word. Money

Let’s get it.


  • History of Liechtenstein
    • Liechtenstein has been around since the year 1140 is is named after the family that started the first monarchy in it’s capital city of Vaduz.
    • It’s landlocked on all sides and extremely mountainous.
      • It’s become a center for banking and business for the uber powerful.
      • And a little bit of tourism
    • It actually has more companies than people in it.
    • It’s so shady that it doesn’t have trade relations with the US and isn’t part of the EU but still has economic relations with many EU powerhouses like Germany and Switzerland.
    • Highest GDP in the world = $180,000 per capita.
  • LCX Exchange and the EU
    • You can’t talk about the LCX token until you understand how important the Exchange is. The Liechtenstein Crypto Exchange was made after the “Blockchain Act” was put into law
      • Messari describes the Liechtenstein Blockchain law as “crypto friendly”
    • LCX knew back in 2018 that crypto and tokenization was the future of finance. So they latched on and didn’t look back.
    • LCX has a little bit of everything
      • Spot trading
      • Trading Bots
      • DEX called Fire Salamander
      • STO Token Launch Pad
      • And the LCX token itself
    • LCX Tokenomics
      • The LCX token is a utility token for the LCX crypto ecosystem. It pays for trading fees, subscriptions, processing fees and more.
      • ERC-20 token
      • Ranks 386 on CMC
      • Marketcap of 38 million
      • SPEED – set up to be the settlement system of Europe.
        • .06 per transaction
        • 100 tx per second
          • Not insanely fast but great for wires.
          • Will be used primarily by businesses
        • LCX Use Case
          • LCX is in position to be THE crypto exchange for big banks and High net work individuals for Europe.
          • Opaque banking laws similar to Switzerland make it ideal for mega corporations, Russian billionaires or anyone trying to do business in the EU with out BEING in the EU.
          • With ISO 20022 compliance and pr-crypto regulation, LCX could end up becoming a major player during the next bull run as adoption ramps up.


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