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Most Profitable Large Cap Altcoin (Polkadot’s NEW Roadmap)

Most Profitable Large Cap Altcoin (Polkadot’s NEW Roadmap)

By: Ben Armstrong | October 6, 2022


  • The hook of this video, is that DOT a guaranteed winner in the long term game and that’s bullish because it’s further away from its all-time-high than other big winner large caps.
  • Gavin Wood’s Association with ETH, He wrote the smart contract language, Solidity.
  • Dot got it’s name from a Polkadot pattern where each circle is each project, equally important in the eco system. It’s a blockchain OF blockchains
  • DOT’s whole thing is interoperability, connecting blockchains, being the highway in between the cities.
  • Their website says that Polkadot is the first fully shardable blockchain
  • Relay chain is main chain, does not support smart contracts, hence layer zero
  • Importance of parachains, auctions…parachains, short for parallelized chains are for horizontal scaling, aka polkadot’s shards
  • 100 parachain slots, 29 completed auctions so far.
  • Kusama is not exactly a testnet, more like a live test net, or a sister chain.

What can you DO with DOT?

  • It’s important to get involved with the Dot community, here’s how.
  • 1 DOT is the the minimum balance required to have an active account on Polkadot.
  • 5 DOT is the minimum contribution required to participate in crowdloans.
  • 10 DOT is the minimum staking requirement
  • 20 DOT: you can register an on-chain identityor vote for council.

Recent DOT Update

  • released new roadmap last Monday,
  • Asynchronous Backing
    • increases scalability by increasing block capacity, cuts parachain block time in half
    • Concurrent blocks increases transaction speed by 100 to 1000x
    • Asynchrouns Backing will test on Kusama first and roll out on DOT once the tests are finished.
  • Parathreads, coming Q1/Q2 2023
    • Instead of buying a parachain spot, parathreads are pay as you go smart contracts
  • New roadmap also includes the third version of XCM, they universal language optimized for cross chain communication/ interoperability.


  • For example, DOT’s ATH is $55 dollars, It’s currently 6.33, which is about a 90% pump from current price to ATH. ETH is 71% Pump to ATH and surprisingly, Bitcoin is also about 71% away from ATH.
  • Therefore, in the Game of ATHs, DOT is basically 20% more profitable
  • If DOT had BTC’s market cap, it would be worth $325 dollars.
  • DOT is ranked 11th with a 7.84 Billion market cap.
  • Best place to buy
  • The best place to buy Polkadot is Binance, one of the most trusted exchanges on the market. Be sure to click the link above where you can get up to $600 dollars for signing up.


  • This is all a part of a vision to create a completely decentralized web where the users are in control
  • They’re more focused on building the next chapter of Web3 than price action. (Web3 foundation Providing grants, etc)
  • This September, even though ETH did the merge and ADA did Vasil, DOT STILL had more github events then them= highest developer activity. DOT 522 events, ADA 455 and ETH 400.
  • In the long run, this is the stuff that will pay off BIG, and DOT’s road back to all time high is most profitable.


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