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Part II of Satoshi Reveal

At 4pm EST today, Part II of the 3 part "Satoshi Reveal" seemed to speed up the timeline. In the original announcement of the "reveal" it was said that the identity of Satoshi would be revealed in Part III of the series. However, readers were treated to a surprise at the end of the article with a picture of the supposed Satoshi.

Along with his picture, readers learned much more about the writer including his real name. His birth name is Bilal Khalid, but since moving to the UK he now is known as James Caan due to his adoration for actor James Caan. The writer claims, after all, to be the "Godfather of Digital Cash".

Of course, the name & photo of the man are in no way proof that he is in fact Satoshi. The proof that everyone would like to see is for someone claiming to be Satoshi to actually move some of the Bitcoin from one of the Genesis addresses. Unfortunately, the newest installment of Satoshi Nakamoto also will not be able to move Bitcoin from those addresses. In a shocking twist, Bilal Khalid claims not to have access to the 980k Bitcoins he has due to a hard drive crash. He claims to have spent the rest of his life living in sorrow over not taking better precautions.

The writer claims that he made a post in the BitcoinTalk forum regarding the mistake, but the forum post he used as proof was cryptic at best.

There is much more in the article regarding the background of this man. Whether any of this story is true or not probably does not matter. Until someone can move those original Bitcoins, no one will believe someone claiming to be Satoshi.

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