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New DeFi Portal is Coming to IOST in Q3 2020

The IOST project team has announced that its new public chain Swap product portal developed by the IOST partner node Lichang, called Allswap, is expected to launch in Q3 2020. 

IOST is constantly expanding its platform, increasing the number of nodes to improve its speed and reliability, and creating new partnerships to collaborate. Click here to vote for BitBoy Crypto's node in IOST.

More Features Equals More Efficiency

The announcement comes at a time when Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is still dominating the blockchain space as new users get interested and invest each day.

IOST also announced the preparation for the addition of other Swap products on the IOST public chain in addition to Lichang, intending to provide services such as liquidity pools and decentralized transactions for the IOST DeFi Ecosystem.

Allswap will connect to the IOST wallet to provide wallet services for IOST users and any IOST DeFi project, pumping traffic into IOST DeFi products with Lichang’s evergrowing huge community.

Allswap users are offered market data, such as the total amount of capital in pools, exchange rates information, and newly launched tokens by using the platform.

According to IOST’s team, there is another Swap product based on the IOST public chain under planning that will also support these features and include Decentralized cross-chain bridge, Flash exchange function, and Programmatic pricing and liquidity.

IOST is Focusing on DeFi in the Second Half of 2020

IOST is one of the world’s leading public blockchain platform as its original PoB consensus protocol provides better scalability and faster speed based on decentralization.

To date, IOST mainnet has shown a peak TPS of up to 8000 while offering developer-friendly features that improve product development efficiency, as it doesn’t experience congestion and high gas fees as seen in Ethereum, many developers choose to launch DeFi projects on IOST.

Besides, users can enjoy the convenience and accessibility of using DeFi applications on the IOST chain with zero transaction fees.

IOST will also unlock the potentials of more DeFi projects on its vibrant network while leading the mainstream application of blockchain, creating a new era for the decentralized global economy by establishing the Noah Oracle One-Million Dollar Fund.

About IOST

IOST is backed by Sequoia, Matrix, ZhenFund, and other world-class investors that want to create an enterprise-level blockchain platform for online service providers. The enterprise-level blockchain platform has grown up as one of the Big Four public chains in the industry along with Ethereum, EOS, and Tron.

The IOST project team currently consists of R&D personnel focusing on blockchain distributed technology as well as is built by more than 50 blockchain industry experts with more than three years of blockchain-related research experience, who have graduated from world top universities, such as Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua University, and Beijing University.

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