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New Users Can Earn 2% Bonus on Deposits to Exchange

According to a blog post from May 25, the cryptocurrency payment provider announced that the company is starting to offer a 2% bonus on all new crypto deposits made to the exchange. users who have signed up and completed “Advanced” level KYC verification from May 11, 2020, will be eligible to earn the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus will be granted for deposits made to eligible users’ wallets during the first 30 days of account signup, also called Qualification Period.

In the announcement, the company also noted that the CRO bonus will be considered a part of the user’s overall CRO staking level on the Exchange. Deposit bonuses awarded to any user will not exceed a maximum of 5,000 CRO.

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Terms From

Crypto deposits that are not made within the Qualification Period and from external addresses to the exchange wallet, as well as deposits that were made before May 25, 2020, will not eligible to earn the deposits bonus.

Eligible users will be paid the deposit bonus in CRO and it will be automatically staked on Stake & Earn for 180 days.

The deposits, which made on-chain to the Exchange wallet via an external address will be appliable, on the other hand, the funds transferred from the App or a App address are not accepted.

Eligible users may deposit more than once during the first 30 days of account signup. The overall staking period always will be reset to 180 days whenever new eligible funds are deposited.
Trading volumes may be monitored during the 180 days in order to prevent abuse. reserves the right to withdraw the bonus in case the trading volume does not reach at least 3 times the amount deposited.

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