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Mysterious Website

In 2018, the website was transferred to a new owner. While not much is known about the future plans for the website sharing the same name as the pseudonym of the Bitcoin creator, the website's new owner has been revealed.

The new owner of the website is former Coinbase CTO Balaji S. Srinivasan. In May of this year, Srinivasan announced his departure of Coinbase amid rising tensions. Before Coinbase, he founded an early Bitcoin company that went on to rebrand as

The website currently just displays an email submission form and the words:

Nakamoto is Bitcoin Country


Here is a screenshot of the current page: Website Owner Former Coinbase CTO

The website itself is actually twice as old as Bitcoin belonging to a technologist with the last name Nakamoto.

A clue to the mysterious nature of the site lies inside of a tweet earlier in August from Srinivasan himself. It's pretty clear the thoughts of the tweet line up with the current layout for

It probably will not be too long before the launch announcement is made. The hype is building. Hopefully it won't be a let down.

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